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Science - T2 W3

No description

Edward Carter

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Science - T2 W3

How plants drink... But how do plants in deserts survive? Desert survival. Saving water. Experiment... How does this work? Plants have stomata (small openings) on their leaves. Through the stomata plants sweat or allow water to evaporate.

EXPERIMENT: tie a plastic bag around the leaves of a tree. Observe how much water you collect from the leaves over a number of days.

Most plants have stomata that close during the heat of the day. This stops the leaves from loosing too much water. Some desert plants have stomata that only open at night. Plants put down roots into the soil to draw water and nutrients up into the stems and leaves. How can plants drink when there is no water?

Most deserts receive some water...just not a lot.

Plants have adapted to these conditions by being able to store and restrict how much water they transpire (sweat) through their leaves. Dodging desiccation. Desert plants may have:
smaller and fewer leaves to reduce stomata
waxy cuticles (leaf coverings) to stop water escaping
light-coloured pigments or hairs to reflect the Sun's heat
Desert plants also:
drop leaves during dry seasons
store water in their leaves
Desiccation is the scientific word used to describe the removal of water from the cells of the organism.

Desiccation tolerance - the ability to withstand water loss - is one way plants survive in desert conditions. Your teacher is now going to guide you through an experiment where you will see how surface area can affect evaporation.

Plants can reduce desiccation by reducing the surface area of their leaves.

Which cloth will lose its water first:
the cloth stretched out with maximum surface area, or
the cloth folded over to reduce the surface area? How plants survive in the desert. Transpiration is the process by which moisture is carried through plants from roots to small pores on the underside of leaves.
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