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Copy of The Origins of Progressivism

The Beginning and Elements of Progressivism

Tony Magnon

on 19 September 2018

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Transcript of Copy of The Origins of Progressivism

The Four Goals of Progressivism
protecting social welfare
promoting moral improvement
creating economic reform
fostering efficiency
The Progressive Movement is the combination of reform efforts that created many advancements in government, the economy and morals
Protecting Social Welfare
Many social welfare reformers wanted to relieve urban poverty
Some reform groups were the YMCA and the Salvation Army
This is Florence Kelly
She was an advocate for improving the lives of women and children
Promoting Moral Reform
People thought that better moral values would uplift immigrants and poor city dwellers
The most common reform was the ban on alcohol, known as prohibition
The main goal of the prohibition was to stop American society from being undermined by the use of alcohol.
Economic Reform and Efficiency
Economic panic prompted Americans to question the free market system and competition.
Journalists known as muckrakers wrote about corrupt businesses
Workers became more productive and things produced
increased under the idea of scientific management
Scientific management: the effect to improve efficiency
in the work place by applying scientific principles to make
things easier
The result was assembly lines
Reform Mayors and Governors
In some states, mayors and governors introduced progressive reforms without changing government organization
This was mainly to root out corruption
This is Robert M. La Follette
He was the governor of Wisconsin
He wanted corporations to be treated as normal people were
His main target was the railroad industry
Protecting Workers
Progressives lobbied for regulations to protect workers
Most important was the movement to end child labor
There were 2 million children working under fifteen in 1910
In 1904 reformers organized the National Child Labor Committee
Reforming Elections and the Direct Election of Senators
In Oregon, the secret ballot, the initiative, the referendum, and the recall were adopted
initiative: bill originated by the people
referendum: vote on the initiative
recall: enabled voters to remove public officials by forcing them to face another election before their term
Before 1913, state legislatures chose U.S Senators
The 17th Amendment changed this!
"Repeated experiences with Roosevelt had convinced me that in critical situations his action was often in direct opposition to his utterances; that one could reckon on his doing, not the logical consistent thing to carry out a definite policy, but the expedient thing, the thing that achieves temporary success. These elements in his character were matters of constant disappointment as they revealed themselves to me."
One of those Mucrackers was Upton Sinclair who wrote "The Jungle" that exposed the terrible working conditions and unsanitary practices within the meat-packing industry
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