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Self~Design Investigation {crumple Zone}

No description

Jane Abrahams

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Self~Design Investigation {crumple Zone}

Crumple zone
Experiment 1
Crumple Zone
Experiment 3
Crumple zone
Experiment 2
Self~Design Investigation {crumple Zones}
Independent variables:
Structure / Design of crumple zone
Dependent Variables:
Effect on the crumple zone

Step 1: Use a straw and bend it into a equilateral triangle
Step 2: Secure the straw by taping it into the triangle
Step 3: Repeat 30 times
Step 4: Place all the triangles 90 degrees on top of each other in 3 separate rows
Step 5: Place the crumple zone as a barrier over the censor
Step 6: Push down on the ball on top of the crumple zone
Step 7: Check to see the newtons on the sensor
Step 8: Examine the Module for significant damage
Step 9: Record findings

Crumple Zone 2
Step 1: Build a cube using straws
Step 2: Using tape build struts for the cube to make it secure
Step 3: Continue building struts until 30 straws are used
Step 4: Place the crumple zone over the censor
Step 5:Push the ball down on top of the crumple zone
Step 6:Check to see the newtons on the sensor
Step 7:Examine the Module for significant damage
Step 8:Record findings

Force (N)
Step 1:Build a squares from straws
Step 2:Continue to build squares
Step 3:Place them on top of each other
Step 4:On the top and bottom squares place struts on each of the corners
Step 5:Secure each of the squares
Step 6:Place square structure over the crumple zone
Step 7:Push ball down on top of the censor
Step 8:Check to see the force (newtons) on the sensor
Step 9: Examine Module for any damage
Step 10: Record findings
Controlled Variables:
Amount of tape
Amount of straws (30x)
Height the ball was dropped (30cm)
Material {straws}

RESULTS (structure 1)
We can see a visible correlation between our results and what we have learn't from the physics of a crumple zone. Our first structure had the best outcome as it was quite flexible and squishy increased the time of the force being applied and therefore the impact.
We understood during our Self Design investigations that during our experiment
the longer the duration of the impact the less force that will be experienced.
Therefore we chose to design our structures in a way that would increase the duration of the impact allowing for there to be less force.


In the first structure although a good outcome it could have been improved, we estimated that the more triangles we stacked onto the model the more compact it was leading to a better the result.
The Second structure could have been improved by adding more cushioning to the design, if we had added more straws and a larger depth to the model, we found that in this structure the strongest parts of the model were where the straws crossed. This meant that if more straws were use the longer the time for the impact and therefore the less force.
The third structure probably the least successful of the three structures, as it did not work to reduce the time of the force experienced by the sensor. To make improvements to this design, we would make the design smaller so it would fit the size of the sensor.
The biggest improvement we could of made with our crumple zones was the structures.

Scientific reasoning
Physics understanding

Overall we had success in our investigation design.
Structure A showed very little force and therefore the most successful crumple zone
Results (Structure 2)
Force ~ 17-22 (N)
(structure 3)
Fair Testing ?

Amount of Straws
Efforts were
made to control
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