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Analogies of Plant Cell

Describe the structures of the plant cell with anologies

Jiin Kim

on 26 April 2011

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Transcript of Analogies of Plant Cell

The Plant Cell A cell wall is like a guard because they protect the house or building and they don't let bad people come in to damage and cause actions of theft, like the cell wall is a rigid layer of the cell that helps protect and support the cell. A cell membrane is like a window because it allows the sunlight to enter but it prevents the bugs and insects to come in, like the cell membrane prevents bad and harmful chemicals to come in the cell but it lets healthy and good chemicals come in the cell. A nucleus is like a human brian because it controls the actions and it is the thinking part of the human body, like the nucleus controls the center of the cell directing the cell's activities. A vacuole is like a storage room because it stores the unnecessary materials in a room, like the vacuole is a water filled sack that stores the waste products and other materials for the cell. A chloroplast is like a hand because it grabs the unharmful things such as a cotton ball, like the chloroplast is something that captures sunlight and uses it to produce food for the cell. An endoplasmic reticulum is like a plane because it transports the materials from a country to another, like the endoplasmic reticulum carries proteins and other materials in the passage ways from one part of the cell to another. A mitochondria is like technology because it's energy that makes technology work, like the mitochondria converts energy into food molecules so they can use it to carry out its functions. A golgi body is like a box because it is used to be received or to give to someone else like a, golgi body is something that receives proteins, packages them, and distributes it. A cytoplasm is like a shelf because it has different layers that can be divided into different groups so they can be classified easily, like the cytoplasm is a jellow material that is in between the cell membrane and the nucleus and it sustains the structures in place so the structures of the cell aren't all next to each other so the different structures can do their functions easily. Passive Transport The movement of dissolved materials through a cell membrane without using cellular energy. Active transport The movement of materials through a cell membrane using cellular enrgy. Diffusion The process that the molecules move from a high concentration to lower concentration. Osmosis Is the diffusion of water molecules through a membrane.
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