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Miguel Cosma

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Guernsey

Guernsey Location Principal information CAPITAL: Saint Peter Port LANGUAGE: English, French, Norman-French dialect spoken in country districts CURRENCY: Pound Sterling POPULATION: 65,345 GOVERNMENT: British Crown Dependency
fORM OF GOVERNMENT: parliamentary democracy RELIGION: Protestant (Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist, Congregational, Methodist), Roman Catholic Economy Financial services, such as banking, fund management, and insurance, account for about
32% of total income. Tourism, manufacturing, and horticulture, mainly tomatoes and cut
flowers, especially freesias, have been declining. CLIMATE The climate is temperate with mild winters and warm sunny summers. The warmest months are
July and August, when temperatures are generally around 20 °C (68 °F) but occasionally reach




Guernsey and the other Channel Islands represent the last remnants of the medieval Dukedom of Normandy, which held sway in both France and England. The islands were the only British soil occupied by German troops in World War II. Guernsey is a British crown dependency but is not part of the UK or of the European Union. However, the UK Government is constitutionally responsible for its defense and international representation. Western Europe, islands in the English Channel, northwest of France white with the red cross of Saint George (patron saint of England) extending to the edges of the flag and a yellow equal-armed cross of William the Conqueror superimposed on the Saint George cross; the red cross represents the old ties with England and the fact that Guernsey is a British Crown dependency; the gold cross is a replica of the one used by Duke William of Normandy at the Battle of Hastings tomatoes, greenhouse flowers, sweet peppers, eggplant, fruit; Guernsey cattle AGRICULTURE: temperate with mild winters and cool summers; about 50% of days are overcast CULTURE AND REPRESENTATIVE ASPECTS

The Guernsey cow is a more internationally famous icon of the island.
As well as being prized for its rich creamy milk, which is claimed by some
to hold health benefits over milk from other breeds, Guernsey cattle are increasingly
being raised for their beef, which has a distinctive flavour and rich yellow fat. Ecological footprint analysis has been applied at various levels, from the global scale, to the household level. In this study, the footprint of Guernsey component has been calculated and then used as a tool to explore the decisions. This has been done considering the ecological footprint of passengers traveling, observing time series data and scenario development. PROBLEMATIC There isn't one. The states ( or Bailiwick) of Guernsey is a British Crown Dependency. It has its own parliament called The States of Deliberation. The Presiding Officer is: GEOFFREY ROBERT ROWLAND PRESIDENT
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