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Kristin Diana

on 27 March 2013

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Identifying Ourselves with
Ancient Egyptian Cartouche Ancient Egyptian Cartouche Is... Cartouche Therefore, you would only use those letters. For example: The Name "Michael", sounds like
M-I-K-L. Cartouche Name: Back to the website!
Let's Look At Some Hieroglyphic Letters! ...an oval frame which is surrounded by a protective rope. This rope is said to possess a magical power to protect the name within it from evil spirits in present life and afterlife. Cartouche's primarily were used to house the names of only Pharoah's, Royals or Egyptian Gods. Example Michael as M-I-K-L What is Ancient Egyptian Cartouche? Names were always represented using Hieroglyphics. What are Hieroglyphics?
Ancient Egyptian symbols which represents the letters in a name or word.
What is different between words created using hieroglyphics, is that names are written how they sound, not how they are spelt.
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