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Pearl Harbor

No description

Ella Reed

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor
Julia Danon, Allie Martorana, Maddie Detwiler, and Ella Reed

Japanese Motives
Attack Specifics
Conspiracy Theory

1. Radio traffic (Nov. 1941) around the Pacific

2. US intercepts of other information

3. FDR’s memo- under no circumstances fire the first shot and always act in defense.

4. The McCollum Memo – plan for action in the Pacific
Japan invades French Indochina/Southern Indochina Exports/oil supply cut off
No oil No air force
Japanese expansion Demanded to stop
No settlement reached Creation of war plan
-Freedom of Information Act allowed investigation

-FDR may have hidden the information about the intercepted communication to try and get America involved in the war.

“Strictly secret.
“Henceforth, we would like to have you make reports concerning vessels
along the following lines insofar as possible:
“1. The waters (of Pearl Harbor) are to be divided roughly into five
subareas (We have no objections to your abbreviating as much as you
“Area A. Waters between Ford Island and the Arsenal.
“Area B. Waters adjacent to the Island south and west of Ford Island.
(This area is on the opposite side of the Island from Area A.)
“Area C. East Loch.
“Area D. Middle Loch.
“Area E. West Loch and the communication water routes.
“2. With regard to warships and aircraft carriers, we would like to have
you report on those at anchor (these are not so important) tied up at
wharves, buoys and in docks. (Designate types and classes briefly. If
possible we would like to have you make mention of the fact when
there are two or more vessels along side the same wharf.)”
Bomb Plot Message
McCollum Memo
December 7, 1941
Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo was in command
Sent 6 aircraft carriers with a total over 420 planes
Originally positioned 275 miles north of Hawaii
First wave: 51 dive bombers, 40 torpedo bombers, & 43 escorting fighters
First attack lasted 25 minutes
Submarines were sent carrying 5 midget submarines
Out of 6 airfields, only 38 planes got up-- 10 were then shot down
over 2,000 casualties, 16 ships destroyed/damaged, & dozens of aircraft destroyed
Japan only lost 29 planes and 55 aircrew
FDR's declaration of war on December 8th, 1941= immediate response to the attack.
American society quickly became centered around war: People were doing everything they could to help the war effort (Ex: meatless Tuesdays).
The already-tense relations between the US and Japan extremely worsened.
New, stricter travel regulations were put in place
People became more cautious of the dangers of the war.
Pearl Harbor still has an impact on America today:
The USS Arizona Memorial- 184- foot long structure (see picture) that came from the desire to establish some sort of memorial at Pearl Harbor to honor those who died in the attack.
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