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Terry fox character traits

No description

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Terry fox character traits

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
8 Terry fox character traits
4 Character traits of me
Number 1: Honesty
Definition: Truthfulness
Sentence: Bob was honest by telling the truth.
Example of what Terry did: When Terry lost the marker, he went back to the last place he remembered and ran 3 extra miles.
Number 2: Empathy
Definition: Ability to imagine another's feelings
Sentence: Bob showed empathy by mourning for his friend's father's death.
Example of what Terry did: Terry ran to help cancer research so kids aren't in pain.
Number 3: Caring
Definition: Serious attention towards somebody
Sentence: Bob cares for his parents.
Example of what Terry did: Terry played basketball with a kid who had an amputated leg and made friends with him.
Number 4: Integrity
Definition: Firm attachment to moral or artistic principle.
Sentence: Bob showed integrity by robbing a bank and saying that he robbed it.
Example of what Terry did: Terry raised lots of money for cancer research and didn't ask or keep any of the money for himself.
Number 5: Courage
Definition: Bravery
Sentence: Bob showed courage by rescuing his wife from the fire.
Example of what Terry did: Terry still ran across Canada when he knew that his cancer had reached his lungs.
Number 6: Perseverance
Definition: A sticking to a purpose or an aim.
Sentence: Bob showed perseverance by saying that he will get an A+ on the math test his wife had given him, and he did.
Example of what Terry did: Terry made up his mind to run across Canada and he didn't back down.
Number 7: Teamwork
Definition: Working together
Sentence: Bob showed teamwork by working with his wife to make a big house.
Example of what Terry did: Terry and Doug worked together during his run so that he wouldn't have to do all the work himself.
Number 8: Fairness
Definition: Favouring one person more than the other.
Sentence: Bob showed fairness by getting both his kids their most favourite toys, no matter how expensive.
Example of what Terry did: Terry ran for everyone who had cancer, not a group of kids.
Number 1: Cooperative
Definition: Wanting/willing to work together
Sentence: Bob was cooperative by working with people to build a restaurant.
Example of what I did: I was cooperative when I helped my friend finish his project.
Number 2: Inclusive
Definition: Including people.
Sentence: Bob was inclusive by letting strangers play soccer with him and his friends.
Example of what I did: I was inclusive by letting many people play man-hunt with me.
Number 3: Respectful
Definition: Showing respect.
Sentence: Bob was respectful to the judge when he stole a car.
Example of what I did: I was respectful by listening to a long, boring speech at my mom's work.
Number 4: Responsible
Definition: Obliged or expected to account for.
Sentence: Bob was responsible everyday making sure his kids had food.
Example of what I did: I was responsible last year by handing in my homework all the time.
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