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Josephine Ciccone

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Dance

The History Of Dance Styles of dance then and now... Burlesque Fan Dance (1916) -Burlesque dancing was introduced by Lydia Thompson.
- combination of drama and comedy
- dancers danced on the Vaudeville stage when Vaudeville was transforming into Burlesque, dancing in many regular nightclubs which had fabulous stage shows featuring the talent and many times the skin of these famous dancers. Burlesque fan dance (1916)
Argentine Tango(1910)
Jive (1941) -It is like ballroom dancing
-Originated in 1910 in the suburbs of Buenos Aires.
-In the time it was popular to do the Argentine Tango so all dancers would be doing it.
-it was to fun ballroom tango music and was danced with a partner and made people feel happy when dancing it. Argentine Tango(1910) Mambo(1938) -Latin dance of Cuba
-Invented by Arsenio Rodriguez
-The original mambo dance was characterized by freedom and complicate foot-steps.
-People danced the mambo in the 1938 to feel freedom and dance with partners and be happy
-Danced to happy upbeat music Moonwalk(1980) -Dance technique that presents the illusion of the dancer being pulled backwards while attempting to walk forward.
-It became popular around the world after Michael Jackson did it during the performance "Billie Jean"
-Michael Jackson was a huge role model so the moonwalk was huge back then and people that did it were representing him
-It was danced to upbeat songs that made people happy Contemporary -exploration of the total movement potential of the body.
- both classical ballet and modern dance
-could be danced to more sad songs
-is more popular now a days then back then
-people are more independant now with dancing and this style could be shown with a partner or on your own and it makes people feel freedom with the movements During the twenties is when there were flappers raisng their skirts and making them shorter.They also did jazz dancing. After this time happened, ,more types of dancing with short skirts started becoming more popular. Flappers wore heavy makeup, bobbed their hair and behaved differently. Flappers made a big impact on dance throughout all the years. By:Vanessa, Josephine, Lee The Jive (1941) the jive was a european dance it was basically an american version of the jitterbug. it was orig originally named the ' jitterbug jive' but it lost that name after the second world war and now it is called ' the jive' the europeans used the name 'jive' but the americans called it the 'american jive' Jive dances are not really used today but they do however teach it in ballroom dance classes STYLES OF DANCE TODAY. today many different dances are taught in many different studios all over the world and they have competitions and recitals but not the same styles of dance that you would see back into the 1900's today some popular dances are Jazz, Hip-hop, Acro, Lyrical, Ballet, Hip-hop and then there are the popular dances everyone knows like the "Dougie", "2-step" lots of other break dancing tricks the "Cha-cha slide". Dance has changed by the way its preformed and how you are dressed for it as well. when you dance in studios they custom make your costumes some may not involve alot of clothing but there is alot of glitter sometimes feathers and your hair needs to be prefectly tied back and curled or perfect how your dance teachers tell you to wear it and you wear lots and lots of makeup especially bright red lipstick. acro acro is a dance that includes dance but also some contortion and acrobatics like front walkovers back walkovers front handsprings back handsprings etc. acro takes alot of felxibility and strength and it is probrably one of the easiest types of dance to get injured in because of pulling some dangerous stunts if you werent properly trained to do them. acro acro is a dance that involves dance but also some contortion and acrobatics such as back handsprings front handsprings walkovers etc. it takes alot of flexibilty and strength to be able to preform acro and it probrably the easiest type of dance to get injured in if you arent preforming tricks corrtectly. THE STRUT a certain type of dance in the jazz era

- was created in 1924

- people who did this dance were called "Strutters"

- to strut was to walk proudly or haughtily

-this dance or walk is popularly used by models everywhere in the world today Hip Hop - created in 1970
- is a style of street dance, (obviously) used during hip hop music

- some hip hop dances include:breaking (b-boying), locking and popping

- people who did these types of dances were often b-boys https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vbNLIxsNdYE THE MACARENA! - was created in 1994
- the dance mainly consists of hand motions and basic line dancing
- the dance originated from the Los Del Rio, Venezuela
- the songs lyrical content was consisted of a man trying to woo a woman he had liked.
-one of the most popular song and dances in the world
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