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Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution In U.S.A

Atestat engleza 2011

Murasan Raluca

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution In U.S.A

REVOLUTION? " What is necessary for the body to consume and what is part of our pleasure.
Healthy eating habits must be learnt in childhood. What happens if children refuse
to eat their healthy meals?

always know what is in their food

imply children in the cooking process

show where the fresh and processed food come from

give way to interact, touch, play with the food

do not let kids think that food comes

out of a America in dealing with: Obesity 60% of children

Lack of food knowledge

Poor quality school meals

Fast-food Industry 1 serving meat
2 serving fruits/vegetable
1 serving grains
1 serving fluid milk (250ml) Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution in U.S.A "WHO AM I?" " WHY JAMIE
WHY NOT BRITAIN ? " One billion dollars the school food system ''OPRAH WAS NOT
ENOUGH?'' "Well, not really...
they had to work
together in order to
make visible differences'' :) Traditional
food? The Government Money

Improve nutrition standards

Kitchen equipment

Teach children to cook cooking games
visits to the local farmers
afterschool cooking classes Community Inspire people

Community kitchens People Start their own revolution

Sign the petition



Learn "The tin opener and the microwave are not the only utensils to use in a kitchen." In every place, at each corner you can find a fast-food "Jamie Who?!?" Jamie Oliver English chef, health campaigner

River Café restaurant

“The Naked Chef” TV show filmed in Jamie's own kitchen.

MBE by the Queen for his

contribution to the good of society.

awarded the prestigious TED Prize

spreading The Food Revolution through USA. Bibliography: Thanks to: www.youtube/jamieoliver.com/
www.jamieoliver.com Try these! "Any solutions to change things?"
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