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A shocking discovery, what a Buzz!!

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Veta Faamoetauloa

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of A shocking discovery, what a Buzz!!

4. How would people communicate with people or families, or anyone else if they were in danger?
3. What would people do with their lives if there was no electricity?
1. If there was no electricity how would it affect people?
3. People can do a lot with their lives if there was no electricity. They can play sports (because it doesn't include electricity), they can learn how to hunt for food (if they don't have food to eat). And also build or make things that you can take with you.
4. They would not be able to communicate with people without any gadgets or a phone if you are far away. They can ask someone to help you make a boat and sail to where that person is hurt or needs your help. Or you could try to ask people if they had heard anything from this person.
People wouldn't be able to cook food properly and also it would affect people because there are people that need 'special needs'. Also you need electricity alot for those people who need operations and surgeries.
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Why is electricity so important to people?
By Maia and Veta
Why is electricity so important to people?

Electricity is important to people because they need it for people who are sick and people who need operations, special needs and other medical attention. Also you need electricity because, you'll definitely need to ring or contact your family around the world! Because what if something bad happened to a family member, and they didn't have electricity to ring you or them. Also what if there was a huge storm or Tsunami or tornado, and people didn't know? They would probably be just walking around . How would people know what is going on around the world? Another reason why electricity is important to people is, what if a pilot was flying a plane and they didn't have electricity to power the radar? They would probably either miss their landing or just crash.
Well really people can't store food (unless they put it in snow), but people can use fire to heat or cook something. Sometimes, they can use the sun's heat, energy, and light to cook a meal. And also, to create fire, you need wood, paper and maybe coal.
A shocking discovery, what a Buzz!!
2. How would people eat, store, and cook food without electricity?
Thanks for listening !
Hey People
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