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The Mountains and the Capital

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on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of The Mountains and the Capital

Fun Facts and Cool Comments
Weather in the Rocky Mountains can get very windy and cool. Sometimes there can be huge rain and snow storms. Tempetures are often moderate at elevation below 9,400...
Although it can get cool there,many people that bike, camp, and hike in the Rocky Mountains...
The Rocky Mountains
and since so many people come to the amazing place, the national park gets enough money to build more features.
The Rocky Mountains V.S. The Denver Capital
Fun Facts and Cool Features
Weather Near the Capital
Did you know that there is 415 square miles of this national park?
The Mountain Economy
have many places to work
It is important because without these mountains
This is important to Colorado history
In Denver it can be beautiful during the summer and spring, but when you live there in the winter and fall, it can get pretty rough. There are many cool sites to see in Denver for all seasons of the year.
Weather in the Rocky Mountains
In Denver,Colorado, it can get really cool and cold. At least in the winter. In summer, it can get up to 90 degrees!
Fun Facts About The Rocky Mountains
Also, In The Rocky Mountains there are many places to have fun and explore. Many people come here to do many fun things.
This cool place gets tons and tons of money each year to keep it running.
Colorado would not be Colorado.
There would not be beautiful views or places
to see nature or have fun.
The Denver Economy
This effects the Denver economy because there are many safe banks to keep your money in. Also, there are many good places to work. Many people come to live in Denver,Colorado to make a living. For example, the reason we are here today is because of the gold that some people found. It's all because of the economy.
The History of Denver
The capital building in Denver is very special because many of the pictures and many other things are from Colorado history.
Similarities for The Denver Capital and Rocky Mountain National Park
First, the Denver Capital is similar to The Rocky Mountains because they both have many things to do in all of the seasons of the year, like camping, biking, hiking, and cool things like that. Also, they both have a great economy. The banks are safe and sound and there are many great places to work and stay.
Some of the differences between The Rocky Mountains and the Colorado state capital building are that there are more places to work in Denver. Also, The great mountains have more places to camp, have fun, and work.
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