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Mona Bruno

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Cooper Hewitt
I met some great people
with Rachael Miller
My Design Prep Experience

-I Participated in Workshops

- Attended Design Camp

- Made some great friends!
This Year in the Design Prep Scholars Program...

This workshop was really interesting to me even though I am not looking to pursue a career in fashion design
I learned skills such as how to use a sewing machine
and seam ripper

I also learned that even if you don't like a material you can still transform it into something beautiful
A City of Neighborhoods
In this workshop, Harlem's Wall was created

A wall where locals can express their creativity by drawing or writing an answer to the prompt on the wall
From this workshop I was able to solve a problem faced by people in a community;I learned how important it is to listen to your neighbors.

Presenting this project at Emoticon was great because I got to improve my public speaking skills
Hard Work!
At Design Camp, we worked around the clock to finish our projects. Our only breaks were meals and group activities. Our day started at 6:30 and usually ended around 11:30 and sometimes later!
Design Camp at NC State!
The long hours spent in studio didn't
feel very long because I was with my group and was working tenaciously to perfect my piece
I had a great time with my goup
My Best Work
Design Studies
Bird of the Future
Industrial Design
Graphic Design
by Mona Bruno

That feeling of pride when one finally finishes their project is the greatest because you know you earned it
the water shoe that actually removes the water!

For kayaking and water parks
A more Personal GPS
Cooper Hewitt has put me on the right track for the future
I know what areas I am strong in and where I need to improve
And have had tons of fun!
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