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Anime and Manga

My prezi on Anime and Manga!!!!!

Cassie Pitts

on 6 September 2010

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Transcript of Anime and Manga

Some Mangas and Animes Tokyo Mew Mew Tsubasa Bleach Sakura Full Metal Alchemist What is Anime and Manga? Manga is a form of Japanese cartoons,
like all Japanese books, they are read
backwards. Anime is cartoons in movie style, some are in Japanese and some are in English. Most of them you can choose. Where can you find Manga and Anime? You can find Anime and Manga at
Borders, Hume libraries, Minotaur
and One Stop Anime, just to name
a few.

Minotaur and One Stop Anime are
in the city. Popular Manga and
Anime artists! Hayao Miyazaki- Manga and anime Mia Ikumi- Manga and Anime Clamp (group)- Manga and Anime Studio Ghibli (group)- Anime Tite kubo- Manga Hiromu Arakawa- Manga Facts! The first Manga was made in
the late 19th century! The first Anime was
made in 1917! People of all ages read
Manga and watch Anime! The genres of Manga and Anime include,
action-adventure, romance, sports and games,
historical drama, comedy, science
fiction and fantasy, mystery, and horror. How do I know about
Anime and Manga? I learnt about Anime and Manga through my sister, she showed me a Manga and Anime, called Sakura (Name of the main character). Next I read Tsubasa,(Sakura is in this as well),
and Spirited Away. I'm currently reading Tokyo
Mew Mew.
(Logo) Animania (in Sydney in March and August. Smaller events are held in Brisbane in May and September and Melbourne in April)

Manifest (in Melbourne, in late August)

SMASH! (in Sydney, in August)

Wai-Con (in Perth, in January) Conventions What is a convention? Conventions in Australia Conventions are gatherings for fans of Anime, Manga and/or video games, where they can watch screenings, cosplay, buy Manga/Anime and much more. What is cosplaying? Cosplaying is when people dress up as a character from their favourite, book, movie, game etc. Totoro, (A character
from one of their films.) Thanks for watching!!
Any questions? These people are cosplaying as
(left to right) Sora, Kairi and
Riku, who are all from a game
called Kingdom Hearts.
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