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MLA Formatting Tutorial

Miles Liu

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of MLA

headings: what & where
Works Cited
This is the last page(s) of an essay. On this page, each source must be fully documented according to its type: books, periodicals, electronic sources, films, DVD, etc.
- headings;
- font type & size;
- line space;
- margin size;
- page number;

font type & size
* Font Type: Times New Roman or Garamond
* Font Size: 12 points
margin size: 1" on all sides
NOTE: What you set inside a program is not always what is printed on paper. Both pages below are set for 1" margins. But....
What & where
: The first 4 lines at the upper left-hand corner are the headings of an essay.
See the difference between font types? Use the required font type only!
Set the font to "Times New Roman" & 12 points:
example 1
example 2
Two areas to be reset in order to get the bottom margin to 1 inch!
Page Layout

Custom margins
Page setup
Page numbers
Last name
, also in Times New Roman & 12 points, need to be on the upper right-hand corner 0.5" from the top.
in-text citation
(a page number)
(a key word + page number, when more than one source is used.)
Here is a useful link:
Click & watch
One space between the closing quotation mark and the beginning parenthesis, and a period after the parentheses.
Essay formatting


Source Documentation

* in-text citations

* Works Cited

click & watch
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