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ICT Beyond 2009

Where are we headed with ICT in the Junior School?

Colin Becker

on 19 May 2009

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Transcript of ICT Beyond 2009

ICT Beyond 2009 My Vision staff laptops developing Flip Charts for IWB team meetings external professional development internal small group professional development ability to work and transfer easily
home - school
school - home easy to update online presence use of web2.0 tools collaboration with students
in other locations each class/teacher to have their own blog students to have a range of tools,
at hand,
to choose from
to present their work blogs, wikis, podcasts other technologies video (flip) handheld devices laptops for students portable recorders mobile phones ipods projects that make a difference iEarn Land Yachts one lab with
Apple Computers dual boot
can be pc or mac choice What do you think? What do you need?
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