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Reasons for using customer service policies

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Vasilica Miclaus

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of Reasons for using customer service policies

Reasons for using customer service policies
Definition of Customer Service
5 reasons for using Customer Service policies
Customer service is the sum total of what an organisation does to meet customer expectations and produce customer satisfaction.
A strong customer service policy may separate the successful businesses from the rest.
1.Stable competition advantage
5 reasons for using Customer Service policies
Definition of Customer Service
1.Stable competition advantage
Competitors can also sell same type of products at same price
A strong customer service policies followed by the organisation will leave competition behind
Employees should excel into delivering customer service
Quality experience will make guests come back, instead of trying "next door"
3. Good working environment
Satisfying guests is the main objective for hospitality businesses, this would not be reached having inadequate working environment.
Staff members should show a general positive satisfaction levels about company's customer service.
Motivate the staff into:
being team pride,
having good relations with colleagues
and also a general spirit involving general staff participation
4.Increasing cost efficiency
raising customer retention rates by 5% might boost organisation's profit by 25% to 95%
huge cost in attracting new customer
a customer must not be seen as a single transaction
a customer should be seen like a long time revenue supply
word-of-mouth recommendation to relatives and friends of satisfied customers may reduce the cost of advertising
5. Increases goodwill
good reputation among customers
increase credibility of the organisation
customer’s confident in the quality
consistency of the services/products provided by the company.
The core product for a hotel is the room/accommodation. Therefore without a strong and applicable customer service policy, this product will not be sold. To shine out within the hugely competitive industry, customer service should go above a beyond the customers expectation. The same product and price may be "next door", the only thing left for the customer to decide where to go will be the customer service.
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Vasi Miclaus

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