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Colonial America

No description

Jamie Thaxton

on 6 September 2013

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Transcript of Colonial America

Colonial America
Gold discovered in America!
Invest in the New World!
Buy stock in the London Company!
Great return with little risk!
Make $$$!
Our Settlement & Investment
King James I says, "It's okay with me- settle in Virginia."
Left- April 26, 1607
Arrived- May 14, 1607
105 Colonists were sent by
the London Company
Most colonists were adventurers with
no farming experience or carpentry skills.
Jamestown was surrounded by marshes
full of disease carrying mosquitoes.
By the time winter arrived, 2/3
of the original colonists had died.
So sorry...
John Smith arrives...
No, not that guy!
This guy!

John Smith took control of the
colony in 1608. He built a fort
and forced people to work harder.
He rewarded harder workers with food!
The colonists received help from the powerful Powhatan Confederacy of Native Americans after Smith made an agreement with them. The Powhatan brought the colonists food and taught them how to grow corn!
In 1609, 400 more settlers arrive!
Good news!
Winter comes...
Disease and famine once again hits the
colony. By 1610, only 60 colonists are left
alive. This period is known as the starving time.
The colony fails to make a profit.
Thankfully, John Rolfe, a colonist, introduces
a new type of tobacco (which is popular in
England). This turns the colony around
and it begins making a profit.
Things are looking up!
John Rolfe and Pocohontas (the daughter of a Powhatan leader) marry in 1614. Their marriage increases peace amongst the colonists and Powhatan.
In 1622, the colonists kill a Powhatan leader. The Powhatan respond by attacking. Fighting continues for the next 20 years.
Because the London Company could not protect its colonists, the English Crown canceled the company's charter in 1624.
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