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Private Peaceful : Tommo and Charlie's relationship

The relationship of Tommo and Charlie in the novel Private Peaceful by Micheal Morpurgo

Finn Byrne

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Private Peaceful : Tommo and Charlie's relationship

Relationship of Tommo & Charlie
In the beginning
In the beginning the relationship between tommo and charlie was playful , because they were always getting in trouble and having a bit of fun , such as poaching and swimming in the brook , fooling around with the colonel and telling stories about grandma wolf
The middle and end
In the middle
At the end
When the War began and Tommo decided to go away , they began to come back together , Charlie showed to Tommo that he still cared by following him off to War so that he could protect Tommo. In the war charlie showed that he truly loved Tommo by choosing to stay and condemn himself to death than to leave Tommo.
Around the middle of the story , things began to change because this is when they met Molly , she kind of changed everything , when they got older things began to waver in their relationship ,like how Charlie and Molly began to exclude Tomme in a way and they began to distance themselves from eachother .
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