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Budget Project Template

No description

Joe Stonner

on 18 September 2015

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Transcript of Budget Project Template

Job Title: Middle School Teacher

Gross (Starting) Salary: Wouldn't you like to know

If you have a spouse (husband/wife) or a roommate, put their information down as well!

Job Information
Gross Income:

Net Income:

The difference between gross income and net income is _______________________.
My house has _______ number of bedrooms and is unique because________________.

We chose this house because...(give 2 reasons)
House pt. 2
My vehicle is a 2014 Ram 1500.

I payed $__________ total and pay $__________ per month.

If your spouse/roommate have a car, put their car information and picture here also!
My Budget Project

By: Mr. Spear
What I Have Learned About the Car Buying Process
My house cost $___________ total and $___________per month.

My house has ____________ square feet of space.
What kinds of needs and wants were you able to afford?

Were you surprised at how much it costs to have a family/own a car/own a house?
Needs vs. Wants
things about what you have learned about the car buying process
What 2 things did you learn throughout the budget process?
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