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Beach Reclamation

By Reagan Russell

Reagan Russell

on 13 October 2012

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Transcript of Beach Reclamation

Beach Reclamation
By:Reagan Russell Beaches form as waves deposit sand and other sediments. The wind pushes these sediments inland creating a beach and accompanying dunes. How are beaches formed? What is Beach Reclamation? Beach reclamation is simply providing more sand for a beach that is eroding.
` What are some ways that humans intervene to protect against beach erosion? Jetties, Beach Nourishment, and Seawalls are all ways that humans intervene to protect against beach erosion. Jetties Jetties are long narrow barriers often made of rock which prevent waves from washing sand in to harbors. Beach Nourishment Beach Nourishment is a process by which sand lost through a long shore drift or when erosion is replaced from sources outside of an eroding beach. Seawalls A seawall is a form of coastal defense constructed where the associated coastal processes impact against the land forms of the coast. What are some dangers that beaches face? One of the dangers that beaches face is dredging. Dredging is the process of scooping from the bottom of a water source material. Different
perspectives What kind of events can cause a beach to change quickly rather than gradually? Hurricanes, storm surges and tsunamis can cause beach reclamation to accelerate, carrying the sand load. Hurricanes A violent cyclonic storm having wind speeds of 72 miles per hour. Tsunamis A tsunami is an unusually large sea wave produced by a sea quake or an undersea volcanic reaction. Storm Surge A storm surge is an abnormal rise in the level of the sea caused by a severe storm. Resources www.wizegeek.com
www.dictionary.resources.com Thanks for watching!
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