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Blood Typing

The ABO blood types and Rh system are based on antigen-antibody responses.

Birte Sumerix

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of Blood Typing

Blood - The River of Life
Blood Typing
ABO blood types
and Rh are based on
antigen -antibody responses
trigger immune response
RBC membrane contains surface antigens (Agglutinogens), which are recognized as "normal"
determined by the presence or absence of antigens in RBC membrane
Blood Type:
characteristics of antigens is genetically determined
over 50 antigens
3 are really important:
1. Type A:
4 Blood Types:
4. Type O:
3. Type AB:
2. Type B:
RBC has only surface antigen A
RBS has only surface antigen B
RBC has both surface antigen A &B
RBC has neither surface antigen A nor B
So, what is Rh?
Rh+ indicates the presence of the Rh
surface antigen
Rh - absence of the Rh surface antigen
also called the Rh factor
Plasma contains antibodies, called Agglutinins
These antibodies attack the antigens on "foreign" RBC
Your immune system ignores the surface antigens (Agglutinogens)
on your own RBCs.
antibody attack causes Agglutination
blood clumping
Type A blood: plasma has anti -B antibodies
attacks Type B antigens
Type B blood: plasma has anti-A antibodies
attacks Type A antigens
Type AB blood: plasma has neither
Type O blood: plasma has both anti-A and
attacks Type A and Type B antigens
anti-B antibodies
anti-A or anti-B antibodies
In contrast: Rh
the plasma of an Rh- individual does NOT contain anti-Rh antibodies
antibodies are only
present if previously
exposed to Rh+ RBC
mother: Rh -
fetus: Rh+
mother: Rh -
fetus: Rh+
shots supress mothers immune response
Blood Type Testing
Blood Groups:
Blood Groups can only determine whether somebody is not guilty
Family Joans
Mother: Type A
Father: Type BB
Baby Kourtney (blood type A) got mixed up in the hospital. Who are her parents the Joans' or the Jacksons'?
a) Father is OO and Mother is BO
b) Father is BO and Mother is AO
c) Father is AB and Mother is AB
d) Father is OO and Mother is AB
e) Father is BB and Mother is AO
The baby has Type B blood, who could be the parents?
Blood Type
Clumbing occurs when
the sample contains the corresponding surface antigens.
Universal Donor
Universal Recipient
If baby Leon has blood type AB and Mom's blood type is AA, who is the Dad?
Janson (AB)
Allan (BB)
Fabio (BO)
Could a man with type B blood and a woman with type AB produce a child with type O blood?
Family Jackson
Mother: Type B
Father: Type A
A +
B +
AB +
O -
are inherited
can be used as parental tests
can be used in crime detection
Blood Alleles:
2 Alleles make up a gene...
Blood type A:
Blood Type B:
Blood Type O:
Blood Type AB:
AA or AO
BB or BO
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