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10 Facts About Jacques Cousteau

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Christine Gonzalez

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of 10 Facts About Jacques Cousteau

10 Facts About Jacques Cousteau
First Fact
Jacques Cousteau was born on June 11, 1910, and when he was 35 he co-invented the Aqua Lung, which allowed scuba divers to breathe underwater.
More Info:
The Aqua Lung was a very important event that happened during Cousteau's lifetime, because now divers could stay underwater and dicover new things.
Second Fact
The first test of the Aqua Lung took place on a small beach.
More Info:
Jacques Cousteau was the first person to try out the Aqua Lung.
Third Fact
The amazing and many occupations Jacques Cousteau did were photographer, expolrer, filmmaker, inventor, military leader, and a scientist.
More Info:
The reason he is a well known inventer is because he invented the Aqua Lung which allowed divers to breathe underwater for the first time. the reason Cousteau is known for being a fimmaker is because he flimed a hit television series, Undersea Adventures of Jacques Cousteau.
Fourth Fact
Cousteau was the most well known for being an oceanographer.
More Info:
One reason Jacques Cousteau was well known for being an oceanographer was he was a self-taught oceanographer, which means he taught himself about oceanography.
Fifth Fact
Jacques Cousteau died on June 25, 1997, and was also well known for being a underwater explorer/researcher and hosting his own t.v. series, "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau."
More Info:
Jacques Cousteau died of heart failure on June 25, 1997. He was 87 when he died.
Sixth Fact
In the year 1945, Jacques Cousteau started started the French Navy's undersea research group. Six years later, he started to yearly going to explore the ocean on the Calypso.
More Info:
Jacques Cousteau went on the yearly trips because he
Seventh Fact
In 1996, the Calypso sunk, but luckily Jacques survived. Sadly a year later the famous Jacques Cousteau died.
More Info:
The Calypso sunk in the Singapore shipyard
Eighth Fact
Jacques Cousteau's first major expedition was on November 24, 1951. He started in Toulon and then went on to the Red Sea to study the coral there.
More Info:
Jacques Cousteau wanted to study the coral because he said, " To understand the sea, we must go see for ourselves." The crew brought back unknown fauna and flora.
Ninth Fact
Jacques Cousteau learned how to swim when he was four years old, which took his interest in water/oceanography.
More Info:
At age thirty-three, Jacques friend Philippe, gave him a pair of swimming goggles which gave him the curiosity of understanding the sea.
Tenth Fact
Jacques Cousteau had twenty-seven major expeditions.
More Info:
The twenty-seven major expeditions are Cousteau/National Geographic Expedition in the Mediterranean Sea, Mississippi, New Zealand, Nile, Polynesia, Red Sea, Sea of Cortez, Pacific, Cipperton, Caribbean Sea, Turbosail, Galapagos, Mekong River, Mediterranean Sea, Madagascar, Alaska, Amazon, Antarctica, Australia, Canada, Caspian Sea, Cuba, Danube, Indonesia, Lake Baikal, and Cape Horn.
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