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Grade 6: Lesson 6 - Can I have some water?

For use with Korean Elementary School books.

Mike Crawford

on 22 June 2011

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Transcript of Grade 6: Lesson 6 - Can I have some water?

What does the letter say? Lesson 6 Can I have some water? Have What does it mean? Let's read together! Can you make a sentence? Can I have some Can I have a/an Can I have some water? What are the answers? By nonzeroenfilade Can I have some water? Yes No Sure, here you are sorry, you can't The question... Let's practice! Roleplay Let's watch a video Can I have a ____ Can I have some _____ or Question time! Question: Can I have some water? How does Mike feel? How does Richard feel? What did Richard get in the mail? Does Richard still have a girlfriend? What are THREE things Richard asks for? Did Richard have a good birthday? Why? Why is today a special day for Richard? Happy! Sad! 1. Bondaggi
2. A bill
3. A letter I don't love you anymore. It's Richard's Birthday! NO! 1. Mike's girlfriend
2. Pizza
3. Chips
5. Ramyeon Answers! Yes, because he had a SURPRISE party! Good job! Student B is Mike Student A is Richard Can I have your girlfriend? Can I have some Pizza? Can I have some chips? Can I have some water? Can I have some ramyeon? no. sure, here you are! sure, here you are! sure, here you are! sure, here you are! Let's Review!
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