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Jordan Crawford

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of LINDA BOVE


> In her younger years she attened Marie Katzenbach school for the Deaf and ST. Joseph's school for the Deaf in the Bronx, New York
>graduated in 1963

>Then she attended Gallaudet University
>Graduated with her bachelors in "Library Science" in 1968
>Then she got into the Theater
>Linda Bove is still to this day known as a one of the most famous deaf actresses and is an inspiration to all Deaf actors
>She introduced Deaf cultures to families across the world
>Credited for opening the job opportunities for the Deaf
>Born on November 30, 1945
in Garfeild, New Jersey
>She was born deaf
>Both of her parents are deaf

Fun Facts
>She likes to watch movies even though she couldn't hear them
>She is a good cook
>She likes to crochet and to make her own clothes
>She loves to act
>She is now 67 years old
>Her role on sesame street is the longest recurring role on television with differing abilities





> Her senior year at Gallaudet she became intrested in Theater, and studied during the summer in a program for the National Theater for the Deaf. (NTD)
>In the 1970's Linda Bove and a colleauges started a company called "Little theater for the Deaf"

Bove's Adult life
>Married Ed Waterstreet - who is also a Deaf actor in 1970
>She had no children
>The 2 met at the National Theatre for the Deaf (NTD)
>Now she is invovled with a non-profit organization called Non-traditional Casting project
Personal life
>"Weeds"- tv show
- Child services lady
>"Deaf Ghost"
-Lydia Davis
>"Sesame street"
-Linda the Librarian
>"Don't Eat the Pictures"
- Linda
>"Children of a lesser God"
-Marian Losser
>"Happy Days"
- Allison
>"Search for Tomorrow"
- Melissa hayley Weldon
Bove and her husband in 1991 both became founder's of the "Deaf West" a preforming group.
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