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Angela's Guide to Prezi

An everyday guide to Prezis Terms of Use.

Angela Cuff

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Angela's Guide to Prezi

Angela's Guide to Prezi
Note: For the full Terms of Use click here
Prezi has three types of licenses
Prezi PRO - Offline
If you have Prezi Pro (Desktop) you do not have to access Prezi online.
You hold the license to whatever you create and Prezi has no access to your offline Prezis.
Prezi Paid - Online
Cost involved
Available only to you unless you want to make it public or share it
With Paid Prezi your Prezi is your own to do with what you want, including making it public, sharing or inviting others to edit.
But remember when sharing or inviting others to edit they may re-share and/or make it public.
Although as you are using the Prezi servers to create, store and share your Prezi, Prezi still need certain licenses, including to distribute and publicly show your Prezi.
This allows YOU to share your Prezi with whomever you want.

Prezi will NOT make your creations public.
Prezi Public - Online
No cost involved
Available publicly online including through search engines
NOTE: With a Public account you can only create public Prezis.
With Public Prezi you grant Prezi, and its users, license to reproduce, republish, show publicly and to modify your Prezis.
Prezi does NOT accept any responsibility for the content you create
You must ensure that:
You have not infringed on the copyright of a third party.
If you use photos of people that you have consent to use their image.
Failure to follow these rules will open you up to legal prosecution
An everyday guide to Prezis Terms of Use
All silhouttes sourced copyright free from http://all-silhouettes.com/ and http://all-free-download.com/free-vector/free-vector-people-silhouettes.html.
NET303 Cuff.A, 2013
The End
You must be 13 years or older to use the Prezi service
And will result in your account being terminated, without the refund of any license fees and any future accounts being blocked.
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