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No description

Maggie McDermott

on 15 January 2015

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Transcript of School

A: Anatomy with Ms. Treiber
C2: Juggling with Dr. Tagliapietra
C1: Senior Project with Mr. Lathon and Mr. Hansen
by: Maggie McDermott

B: Pre-Calculus with Dr. Tagliapietra
Senior Literature
Juggling class was a lot of fun

Already knew how to juggle

Learned how to do new tricks

Three way passing, pins, rings, basketballs, and under the leg

Got to show the school my juggling skills
Fun semester
Learned a lot of new information in classes
The struggles

Made new friends
D: Senior Literature with Mr. Hansen
Learned many new vocabulary words

Read Siddhartha, and Death in Venice

Fun Instagram project

Worked on research paper about Elvis Presley
Easy review first couple of weeks

Tough class

Learning logarithms, sin, cosine, and tangent all difficult

Did a lot of worksheets, board work, and quizzes
First quarter: Mr. Lathon

Learned what it takes to live on your own

Filled out worksheets about paying bills, and buying food plus other neccessaties

Applied to colleges
Looked forward to the class
Dissecting cats! a cow eye, and a heart
A lot of memorization
Learned every bone in the human body
Even though my class messed around a lot, I was always able to get my work done

Slacked off near end of the semester by not completing worksheets
I did not read the two books thoroughly

Therefore, I did poorly on the tests based off of the books

Did fairly well on vocab tests
Glad that my brother was only in one of my classes this semester

I am now prepared to work harder next semester and improve on mistakes

Thank you
I did not pay attention to the cat dissection

I did not study very hard for most of the tests

Wrote a eulogy for our cat, and got to bury her
Second quarter: Mr. Hansen

Worked on mini memoirs

Grouped together and worked on projects that would possibly improve the school

My group project: wifi room
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