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K Gannon Web Design

New Client meeting

Katie Gannon

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of K Gannon Web Design

K Gannon Web Design
New Client Presentation Pricing Sheet Information in this presentation About Me
Why you need a website
Important aspects of building a website
Layout Examples
Template Example Sites
What can be used to create a website
Web Hosting
Usability Testing
Website Analytics
Search Engine Optimization
Pricing Sheet
Contract About Me Katie Gannon
Studied Business &Management Information Systems
four years of web design experience
six semesters on Student Website Team Why you need a website Promote products, services, your organization, yourself, your ideas
Sell products, services
Save cost
Share files, pictures
Offer service 24/7/365
Answer questions
Reaching a bigger audience
Test new ideas, products, services
Reward clients
Run contest
Share basic business information
Public relations
Increase customer loyalty
Make life easier
Compete with others Marketing Plan- increase the range of clients reached and increase the profits of business Product display-
Large images to get attention
Clean display
Few distraction
Simple text
Showcase products on the home page
White space draws attention to the products
Colors/color theory
Orange-childlike, happiness and excitement
Green- nature, safety, healing
White- clean Customer Attraction-
good content
useful and interesting
simple-fix problems
Make information available-optimize
Promote through social media Take attracted visitors and turn them to customers

Analyze-effciently working site Transaction Process-
with small business Paypal validates it Customer Service
Auto responders that say thank you
Customer appreciation coupons
Follow up with customers

Answer Questions
make asking questions easy-respond promptly and personally

Make it easier to contact business

Personalize emails with customer names, birthday, special occasion offers, details on new products

Ask customer opinions Web Hosting Go Daddy
often has great deals

will use other host upon client request Usability Testing Identify usability problems
Collect quantitative data
Determine user satisfaction with the product We offer usability testing in our lab and strongly encourage all clients to pursue this resource in the future of their website
We create custom templates
You can pick the location of your navigation bar, menu, columns, etc. Dreamweaver
Microsoft Expressions
WordPress Programs we use Sample of work Website Analytics Measure visitors and what they do
Track pages-purchase
Visits to page
Google Analytics Improving search results

Great internet marketing! Why K Gannon Web Design? Affordable
Client Oriented Important Aspects of Building a Website Search Engine Optimization Source findmyhosting.com
.com domain name is $5-$10

Hosting-varies Templates Examples of our templates hotted://www.keithsarcade.com/my-games.html
http://www.elliottscabinets.com/ Return on Investment SYSIQ Analysis We use the information from Web Analytics to calculate the ROI with the SYSIQ calculator Aid in making sure your website meets requirements set by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) to protect cardholder data New Client Presentation
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