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Samam: A Smart Gas Detector

No description

musab almozien

on 9 April 2015

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Transcript of Samam: A Smart Gas Detector

The Next Stage
1. The three units will be refined to obtain an optimal design

2. The sensor module will be developed locally with the help of Dr. Khaled Saoud (apply for patent) using nanotechnology enabled materials

3. Certification against safety codes such as NFPA will sought
Samam: A Smart Gas Detector
What is 'Samam'?

Smart Gas Detector for residential usage
Capable of multi-point detection
Equipped with automatic shut off mechanism
Communicate with the user using a mobile app
Current Development Status
Two MVPs where developed to validate the functionality of the device.
Communication Unit
The proof of concept used one of the most reliable and widely used modules.
Available LPG gas (cooking gas) sensors in the market where used to demo the functionality of the product. Yet they cannot be used without certification

Shutting Mechanism
Using an off-the -shelf motor, the mechanism was successfully tested and required torque was achieved
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