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Customer Journey Map

No description

Bruce Lee

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of Customer Journey Map

UTZ Certified coffee that taking responsibility of coffee growing and sourcing, which can be traceable all the way back to the plantations and benefits for farmer
1. Design:
- Culture of Nordic: suitable to a group of customers who prefer this style

Nordic: North Alantic and North Europe, including Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

Culture and asthetic there are having many similarities --> Nordic Design Style.

Funrnitures and interior settings:
wooden furniture with light and mild tones
simple, natural and clean
emphasize the combination of texile and texture which gives comfortable and warm feeling.

The design style IKEA maintain can be one of the selling point
--> People appealing to Nordic style home furnishing designs

2. Affordable or even Low-price / Certain quality that can be accept by everyone:
optimising our entire value chain by building long-term supplier relationships
investing in highly automated manufacturing method
mass production

3. Large variety of home furnishing products / Various colour combination

4. Functional

5. Sustainable design, e.g. recycling waste baskets

Background of Customer
Salesperson greets and hands shopping bags to customer
Customer Journey Map
Before getting into stores
Brand selection
Customers select IKEA because no specific style in IKEA
“democratic design process” advocated by IKEA, to design for everyone

Purchase timing
newly renovated flat, when they need new furniture
Buyers’ responses
Marketing Objectives
IKEA catalogue
Distributed to the mailboxes of many residential buildings or set up distribution points in the lobbies. Customers can get a preview of new products from IKEA
Communication strategies
TV commercials - teaser of 2016 “It’s the little things that matter”, promote the idea starting from kitchen, which brings family closer together
Marketing Strategies
receive regular updates from IKEA about new products and sales
Culture of University students in HK - Hall
Suggestion for personalising the dorm room with IKEA accesories
Environmental Influences
IKEA Foundation supports the UN Refugee Agency, helping refugee families to have a better home, including sustainable energy and lighting solutions
Five Senses
colourful funiture, many families trying furniture in showrooms and colourful posters
shopping bag, texture of the funiture

relaxing foreign pop songs & greeting from the staff, kids sound (family feeling)

natural wood smell from funiture, aroma candles

Let's start our journey!
Baby Care Area
Taking care of customer’s needs, especially to the target customer group - families with babies
Living Room
Living Room Storage
Dining Room
Work Space
Wardrobes & Storage
Children's IKEA
provide service such as general enquiry and ordering furniture
provides a comprehensive floor plan of store, customers will know how to get to the target zone
facilitate customers to jog down product information and do measurement
Nordic culture: Nordic style furniture, like using wood, simple and natural tones
Sizes of showroom are in accordance with the general size of small apartments in Hong Kong. Tips of decoration can be provided by staff particularly for small flats.
Information centres
Floor Plan
Pencil and tape measure
Nordic culture
Products blended with Chinese culture, like the Chinese New Year series dining and tea sets.
Chinese culture
Durability testing
Durability testing models in store to demonstrate the durability of furniture
Poster showing IKEA restaurant and cafe
Advertising the food being sold in restaurant, attracting customers to visit
Children's IKEA and Playroom
Customers can enjoy a fun family shopping experience. Adults and kids could have fun together.
Market Hall
Bed Textiles
Rugs & Flooring
Home Organisation
Home Decoration
IKEA aims to use the least materials to make the most efficiency products through manufacture and design technologies. For example using hollow designs in furniture legs or replacements of chipboard as fillings. During the manufacturing process, IKEA also recycles the wastes each as wastewater and cut materials. Its factories also built with solar panels and wind turbines for generating renewable power as a part of their energy.

IKEA Restaurant & Café
IKEA Bistro
IKEA Swedish Food Market
Customer Service Area
Self-serve Furniture Area
Purchase amount
Two queues
final sales products
Leave IKEA
Self-takeaway / Home Delivery
Assemble Service / DIY
Wall Decoration & Mirrors
Most IKEA product are flat-packed so that customers can take all the items away easily
Home delivery
Help arranging door-to-door delivery service with reasonable charge
The opinions of customers toward the brand (IKEA).

A world-wide company founded in Sweden
Home furnishing product designs with high quality, functionality and affordable price
Western style design
Large area à Mass production
Items that is out of stock or in another IKEA store room can be ordered and arrange pick up, items arrived can be picked up here
Merchandise pick-up
Learning (memory)
The experiences and memories that leave influences to customers and motivate them to buy.
Recommendation from friends
Or self-experience à buy again (Customer Loyalty)
Purchase preferences/habits/ patterns of a family: people tend to purchase goods in IKEA, if their family used to purchase home furniture products in IKEA
Memories in childhood: Families who go shopping in IKEA in weekends may drop their children in IKEA playroom, the children will then have memories about spending weekend in IKEA which can be a motivation of the kids to buy furniture in IKEA when they grow up.
Beliefs & attitudes
Opinions and convictions that customers believe in; the tendency or orientation of mind.
High quality and having guarantee, e.g. over 10 year guarantee
Personality & self-concept
The behavioural characteristics and mental image of the customers.

Willing to change and try new things
Do not like waiting in long line, crowded in-store environment
Exchange and returns
Age & lifecycle stage
Age group of the customers in IKEA.

From babies, infants, kids, youngster, to couples, and elderly, all ages of people can be found in IKEA, and the most common age group is 30-50 who come as couples or families; there is people come alone but unusual
Within the families, most of them are couples aged 35-50, and some of them come with their children.
Within the couples, most of them can be presumed as newly-married or live together.
There are also some youngster and students, they tend to buy low-price and small furnishing products. One of the pairs who seems to be a flatmate measuring a cabinet using the IKEA ruler.
The professional of the customers purchase in IKEA.
Wide range
Academic attainments of customers in IKEA.

Wide range
Economic situation
The income and purchasing power of the customers.
Majority of consumers are in middle-class.
1. 30-day refund and exchange guarantee
- Exchange or return with the original receipt and unused items within 30 days after purchase, if not satisfy with the item.
2. Long period of guarantee
- 10-year, 15-year, and 25-year guarantee depending on items
3. 100-day mattress trial
- 100 days to sleep on the purchased mattress
4. Provide specific assembly instructions and care instructions
- extend the life of a furniture
5. Disposal of old furniture service
- Except previously-assembled items, gift vouchers, plants, mirror, cut fabric, etc.
- services included exchange, refund and maintenance
- exchange or return if not suitable
- get tips on the IKEA webpage
- keep spare parts in store, even some products that no longer sell
help customers to dispose unwanted old furniture

customers can enjoy $100/item furniture disposal services with the purchase of sofa, sofa-bed and mattress
Assemble Services
Customers have to assemble their new flat-packed furniture by themselves
1. Assembly / Wall mounting service
2. Kitchen and bathroom measurement and installation service
IKEA provides one-stop kitchen and bathroom measurement and installation services, including plumbing, electricity and joiner’s work
3. Sewing and installation service
IKEA can provide information about sewing service, on-site measurement and installation for curtain or curtain rod
Information received about IKEA
customers can arrange assembly service at a reasonable price
introduce the brand to target customers and more potential customers
After having meals in restaurant, customers are reminded that they can buy frozen food from IKEA Swedish Food Market.
Advertisements showing frozen food
Utensils and furniture in restaurant
Products from IKEA. Customers can have a real try on the products from IKEA
End of the Journey !
Reasons and factors that stimulate consumers to purchase.
Swedish culture
IKEA organizes promotions related to tradition in Swede, for example, Cinnamon Bun Day. It is promoting the Swedish “fika” tradition. “Fika” means coffee break, which is serving coffee with seven small cakes and sweet biscuits. Following the Swedish to celebrates “the cinnamon bun day” on October 4th, IKEA sells cinnamon bun for $1 on that day. IKEA also celebrates this with “Cinnamon Bun Day Special” from 1st to 4th of October, giving special discount on ready bake cinnamon bun.

Manufacture and design
food, colour of goods, smile from family members

relaxing foreign pop songs, laughters from kids

natural wood smell from funiture, food

taste of food

touch and feel the products (e.g. furniture and cutlery)
Products from IKEA. Customers can have a real try on the products from IKEA
All IKEA’s products are renewable, recyclable or recycled material, even to the packages and other latters. The raw materials are taken from suppliers with certification insuring that sourcing in responsible and sustainable way.
IKEA’s electrical products are all under the goal of “better energy efficiency” or “lower water consumption”.
Electrical Product
Social responsibility
Under the vision of “to create a better everyday life for the many people”, IKEA provides jobs with equal opportunities, supporting human rights. IKEA also set up IWAY Standard for the supplies to ensure that they meet with the requirement of environment, social impact and working conditions. IKEA works with social entrepreneurs and also with IKEA foundation to improve the poors life, especilly for children.
As to create to most efficiency for transporting and storing the goods, many its products’ packages are designed in flat pack or flatter ways in order to decrease the size and material usage of shipping boxes, and lower the shipping costs. This design is also aims to convenience for the customers to take self-takaway. Goods are stored tidily under a coding system in this area. Customers can easily to find the products.

Posters in the shop and labels on the goods stand their promises and visions to the environment and the local communities.
IKEA set up some recycle bin near the check-outs to raise up the environmental awareness for the customer.

Almost every customer purchased at least a bag of goods.

IKEA set up two queues for customer based on their payment method to decrease the purchase time. Promotion goods are placed again on the both sides of queues for customer to have a final shopping.
IKEA tried to bring Swedish Traditional specialties and culture into local. Over 20 organic Swedish products, such as frozen and packaged food, drinks and sauces, are selling in the market.
While the costumers having refreshments there, they will surround by poster and notes boards telling costumers that IKEA is precious on the sourcing food product in responsible manner, such as animal welfare. It also promoted “Quality food in low prices”, “Food Safety” and also with “Organic food”
Law Ho Wing
Leung Rainy
Tam Cheuk Him

Customer care
On each category of products, IKEA provides some design tips or installing advices for the customers, helping to create a better living environment.
smart solutions for homes by implementing three criteria: good design, functionality, and low price
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