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Steph Kerrigan

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Technology

Technology. Students/schools. Sources. Students need to actively participate when using technology.
New skills are learned, when using new technology.
Teachers can now teach in a variety of styles, making it easier to suit every student's individual needs.
Video technology brings the topic to life.

Positive Negative people are no longer doing their own work.
can become a distraction rather than a help.
students playing games when they are supposed to be doing work is an increasing problem.
the more technology is used the less children are improving their handwriting.
Families. texting interrupts family conversations.
easier communication between relatives that are long distance.
can put a strain on family relationships.
people head straight for their computers, an entire family could be home, but all in seperate rooms on their computers.
lazyness in families is on the rise, often times people just send a text to tell a family member something rather than getting up to find them.
internet is taking priority over spending time with family and taking care of pets.
video game systems such as the Wii are increasing family time together, by creating an activity for all ages. Statistics half of Americans have profiles on social-networking sites.
86% of Americans have a cell phone.
8-18 year olds:
- 76% have an ipod/mp3 player.
- on average spend 4+ hours
watching TV a day. Teenagers. text and drive, causing more accidents.
cell phones make it easier for parents to get ahold of teens.
"Technology is like oxygen to teens."
some teens get themselves into trouble when meeting up with someone they met while online.
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