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Animal Farm

No description

Stephen Mohlenhoff

on 27 May 2010

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Transcript of Animal Farm

Animal Farm by: Stephen Mohlenhoff Characters The Russian Revolution: In 1917 Russia was again at war (WWI) and they were losing to the Germans mainly because they lacked the modern industry to support its war effort and didn't have an adequate railroad system to get supplies to the front. As in 1905 when revolution broke out, confidence was not very high in the Tsar Nicholas II. Mr. Jones
Czar Nicholas II Old Major
Karl Marx Moses
Russian Orthodox Church Snowball
Leon Trotsky Squealer
Pravda Napoleon's Dogs
Secret Police = the representative symbol Napoleon
Joseph Stalin Mollie
Bourgeoisie Chapter 1: We are introduced the the farm
The setting is in the early 1900's
Manor farm is run by Jones and his men
Jones treats the animals badly
Many of the animals are under fed and tortured
We are introduced to Old Major
Old Major calls for a meeting in the barn and tells of his dream
Old Major talks of a time when animals are in control not humans
The animals form a plan for a Rebellion against Jones and his men
The animals start singing the Beasts of England after the meeting
Jones hears the animals singing and starts shooting at the barn
the animals run and hide
BIG PICTURE QUESTIONS 5 Does Snowball represent a legitimate political
alternative to the corrupt leadership of Napoleon? How does Animal Farm relate to the "real world" of the
WWII era? Chapter II:
Old Major dies
Snowball, Napoleon, and Squealer are the main pigs in charge
The pigs form Animalism on Old Major's ideas
Napoleon trys to get the rest of the animals to understand that they have to work hard to run the farm by themselves
We see some of the charactors and their behaviors come out
Mollie has almost and addiction to sugarcaine and ribbons
We meet a raven named Moses
Moses keeps speaking of a sugar candy mountain, and causes the some animals to believe in this
No animals are aloud to go into the farmhouse
The animals (mostly the pigs) form the 7 commandments
The animals turn the farmhouse into a muesum

These two are alike because they both were dictatiors in the book and the real world... These two both told of a "heaven" after you die, annoyed the dictators... They both spread propaganda to the citizens of their society
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