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From Special Education To Doctoral Student: A Latino's College Journey.

From Special Education To Doctoral Student: A Latino's College Journey.

Erim Gomez

on 9 November 2017

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Transcript of From Special Education To Doctoral Student: A Latino's College Journey.

Erim Gómez, M.S.
Instructor & Doctoral Student
Washington State University

From Special Education to Doctoral Student:
A Latino’s College Journey

My opportunities
I was told to be funny
but I am not funny ....
My hope is to encourage you

Share my stories of struggles and success


College won't only change your life but also the lives of people around you

Inspire your brothers, sisters, cousins....
A little about my journey...
So a student asked me how
I got so smart.....
Desire to achieve

Desire in the face of perceived failure
The Importance Mentors
Find people that believe in you.

Mentors in my life, many great a few rude.

There 99 people that might tell you
you can't do something but listen to the
one that tells you that you can achieve!
Grew up speaking Spanish

From busy Cali to a Oregon ranch

Functionally illiterate

Special education through high school
Knock on Doors
Always look for opportunities
It is okay to fail
I have failed, I just get up

Believe in yourself

Let your failures be your motivators

Remember, you are bigger then the sum of your failures
College will lead you to a place you have never thought of like....

To jobs you have never knew existed

To a world of possibility
When I grow up
I want to teach and be a research scientist
"The brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop other people."
Dr. Randy Pausch
Questions, Answers, and Discussion
Secrets of College
So there is something you might not hear in your normal college pep talk.

College is Fun

You make great friends, grow, and explore
I was Counting
There is scholarship money out there.

Scholarships, Teaching Fellowships, Research Fellowships
Get Involved

Start thinking about Scholarships

My Walden Pond Summer
When I was 21 years old I decided to enjoy life, plan ahead, and worry less.

It has worked out well.
3 Months as a Park Ranger at Diamond Lake Oregon....a lot of time to reflect.
Desire: to long or hope or

Perceive: to regard as being such
Let me share a common story of my life.
Failure has been common
So what did I do ?
I re-thought my strategy

Started over

Worked my way up to calculus and have published scientific papers

Made great friends.

Taken advantage of my opportunities.
Get the most of your College Experience
Get experience

Go to job fairs

Look for internships

Knock on doors
Mom wanted me to become a doctor.
Dr. Gómez

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