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Copy of Ethics Presentation

Table Manner

kim SJ

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Ethics Presentation

Table Manner Cutlery While Eating... If the dishes presented in the table, you have take it one by one, then make sure you do not pile up all the food in one time. Presented by:

Jimmy Lee

Food & Wine Expert in CJ Freshway Ensure the place and the type of invitation that will you go
Ask the host about the position of your seat, whether free or determined.
Prayer, a word of welcome, and toast are common to be the opening of the meal .
Do not start eating until all the guests present, all the meal complete in front of each guest, and the host invited.
Always place a cloth napkin is available in your lap, do not place on your chest. Thank you... for GAFL If the dishes served one at a time, then make sure you also provide clear information on the dishes offered. Taste the food first before adding salt or pepper to your food. Do not make any loud slurping or tasting sound from your mouth. Do not use your phone for any purpose during the meal. Convey said "Excuse me“ when you need to leave the table for a moment. Before Eating... Eat with your mouth closed while chewing food. Manners Quiz Someone accidentally pushes you in the hall and says sorry,you....?

A. Yell "JERK!"
B. Push them back
C. Say,"It's okay." C. Say,"It's okay." When you sit down to dinner your napkin should go...
A. In your lap
B. On your head
C. Tucked under your chin A. In your lap When you meet someone you should shake their hand and look...
A. At their nice, new shoes
B. At the next person you are going to meet
C. At the person you are meeting C. At the person you are meeting When you’re at the dinner table and you need to blow your nose you should...
A. Quietly blow it into your napkin
B. Ask to be excused and go to the restroom to blow it
C. Use your neighbor’s napkin because you want yours to be clean B. Ask to be excused and go to the restroom to blow it If you burp at the dinner table you should...
A. Laugh out loud because it’s funny
B. Apologize
C. Ask everyone if they heard it B. Apologize Your Aunt just gave you a really ugly shirt for your birthday, you should...
A. Tell her how much you appriciate it and give her a hug
B. Tell her you think its the ugliest thing ever!!!
C. Tell her you expected better A. Tell her how much you appriciate it and give her a hug By Jimmy Lee Thanks for taking my manners quiz!!! Foster Future Leaders
with Global Mind and Creativity
Medici family
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