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Global Warming

No description

Phoenix Gibson

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global Warming, the causes and the effects. What is Global Warming?
-Global Warming are UV rays that are getting stuck in the earths atmosphere.
-UV rays will usually come into the atmosphere and bounce back out but every year there is more Carbondioxide in the atmosphere and the UV rays get stuck in the atmosphere because of the Carbondioxide. What are the effects of Global Warming?
-Global Warming can make diseases spred to other countries.
-can cause the warming in waters which can lead to intence hurricans, heatwaves and droughts.
-can also bring some troubles to the Economic Consequences.
-and can also melt polar ice caps. What could we do to help stop or slow it down?
-Install Flourencent light bulbs.
-Install a thermal stat and turn it down 2º and turn it up 2º in the summer.
-Clean or replace filter on your furnace or air conditioner.
-Choose energy efficient appliances. How many people acutally do anything about Global Warming?
-Most people don't care about Global Warming because they don't care or they just "don't have time to listen" and some just plainly don't want to think about it.
-about 1-3 people who hear about global warming will do something about it.
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