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Fast Food Restaurant

No description

Michelle yoon

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of Fast Food Restaurant

Burger King History KFC
Kentucky Fried Chicken Jack in the Box Burger King McDonalds Original founders are Keith J. Kramer & Matthew Burns.
Current Company: David Edgerton & James McLamore.
Original name for Burger King was Insta- Burger King.
There slogan is "Have it your way".
There slogan is "Have it your way" because people got their things their way. Jack in the Box History They named the place Jack in the box
because when you order in the drive through there was a jack in the box. Fast Food Restaurants l History of McDonalds By: Michelle Yoon Resources KFC was founded by Harland Sanders. KFC History = Thomas Starr King Middle School Began in 1940.
People who opened & founded it were
Richard & Maurice McDonald.
Slogan: "I'm Lovin it!"
They thought of the slogan by the kids meal. Hi! I'm Jack. = Thomas Starr King Middle School. = Burger King This is Harland Sanders.
He is the guy that founded KFC. The person who founded it was Robert O. Peterson. He opened another restaurant called "The Sanders Court and Cafe" His recipes were from his mother. He started learning how to cook when he was 7. I'm Lovin it! Their slogan is "Finger Lickin' Good." Sanders would lick his fingers as he said how the recipe tasted. Thank you
for watching! Hope you enjoy it!!!! =Jack in the Box = Thomas Starr King Middle School = KFC = Thomas
Starr King
School Burger King all around us
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