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Confitura '11

No description

Wojciech Erbetowski

on 11 June 2011

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Transcript of Confitura '11

P F lay ramework ewolucja w świecie aplikacji webowych Wojciech Erbetowski Faster than JSP Action based framework Test platform included Secure by simplicity A framework for Scala There's no such thing as session Modules (Lucene example) HTML5 WebSockets Cloud of clouds WS /helloSocket MyWebSocket.hello 1. Define the route public static void hello() {
while(inbound.isOpen()) {
WebSocketEvent e = await(inbound.nextEvent());

for(String quit: TextFrame.and(Equals("quit")).match(e)) {

for(String msg: TextFrame.match(e)) {
outbound.send("Echo: %s", frame.textData);

for(WebSocketClose closed: SocketClosed.match(e)) {
Logger.info("Socket closed!");
} 2. Catch WebSocket action 3. Catch an event 4. Say something 5. Use it new Socket("ws://localhost:9000/helloSocket?name=Guillaume") GET /helloPage HTTP/1.1
Host: www.example.com public class MyController {

public static void helloHtml() {

public static void helloInJSON(Person person) {
Person boss = Person.getByEmployee(person);
} $.get('/getBoss', {id : 150}, function(e) {
alert('My boss is: ' + e.answer);
}); HTTP JSON request HTTP JSON response HTTP request HTTP response @wojtassj http://erbetowski.pl
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