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Theocracy- Leader and Citizen's P.o.v

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Alysa Hernan

on 10 October 2014

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Transcript of Theocracy- Leader and Citizen's P.o.v

Theocracy, theocracy,and more theocracy
The "Mind Mapping" Method
About theocracy.........
*Yawn* I bet right now you guys are probably bored and tired. Hey.... you know what? We'll do you guys a favor and skip this whole introduction thing, OK??
Gotcha! Did you guys fall for it and started yelling for joy? Anyways, theocracy is a type of government that is under the rules of god. Basically they follow the bible (all the commandments and rules are in this book). You guys following along? No? Good. (Just kidding, I hope it was actually a yes.) Click along to find out more about theocracy.
Enjoy the prezi and try not to sleep!
What Are Leaders called?
What rights do citizens have?
Citizen Roles and Responsibilities
The real introduction about theocracy
How are leaders chosen??
I call being leader!
I call being leader!
I call being leader!
Just so you guys know the picture isn't how leaders are chosen.
In theocracy you are chosen by religious status. Like you would have to be a Supreme Leader, a President, Minister, Pope, etc. But even with these statuses God is their true leader.
There are many answers to this question but we chose the top 4 important ones...
1) Supreme Leader : the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and controls intelligence and security operations
2) President : responsible for the country's economic policies
3) Parliament : they sign international treaties, look after the country's budget, and drafts laws/rules
4) Assembly of Experts : overseeing the Supreme Leader's actions
Made by:

Sam (the guy who researched)
Riley (The other guy who Also researched)
Hannah (The gal who research and helped with this Prezi)
Alysa (The other gal who also researched, made the prezi more interesting, and kept the boys on task)

Their rights are what's in the bible, they are called the ten commandments.

1) You cannot believe in another god
2) You cannot have a different idol other than their god
3) You shall not take the LORDS name in arrogance
4) Honor your father and mother
5) You shall not murder
6) You shall not commit adultery
7) No stealing
8) You shall not bear false witness AGAINST your neighbor
9) Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy
10) You shall not covet

-To listen to their leaders
-To follow Gods path
-To follow the rules in the bible
-To go to the church every Sunday to listen to God's "wise words of wisdom"
Government Roles.....
To keep the country at peace with other countries
To be responsible of the economy
To teach the citizens more about God
The websites who are awesome and helped us out:
Thanks for
Looking at this
Prezi! I hope you didn't sleep while we were presenting..... :)
There are more but these are the most
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