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Important stuff to know about 3114IBA

No description

Stacey Kent

on 18 February 2018

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Transcript of Important stuff to know about 3114IBA

Important stuff to know about 3114IBA
Assessments, due dates, where to find stuff, and that jazz...
Read the case studies from the course website for the 4 pitches:
Rightsizing (week 3)
Ted's Boy (week 4)
Don't ask... (week 5)
Haste makes waste (week 6) or
Excess Inventory (week 6)
The BIG Assessments and their Due Dates
22 January 2015
- Major report due (VW: What went wrong?)

05 February 2015
- Major reflection
Each week, there must be at least one posting to check in with other course members
Look me up under 'Stacey Kent, 3114IBA'
This is where we check in with each other and have discussions and/or ask questions about the course. We will use this as a way to collaborate outside of our official collaboration sessions.
Some important stuff to note!
Follow the report format prescribed and the matrices that is provided to you via the course website
Be on time with your assessments, unless extenuating circumstances arise
medical certificate is then required
Complete your weekly reflections by using the template that is available to you via the course website
Prepare for pitches starting week 3
There will be only 4 pitches for this assessment item
Please peruse the suggested readings for week 2 in order to participate in the discussion:

Druskat and Wolff (2001) Building the emotional intelligence of groups (THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE TO READ BEFORE WEEK 2)

Jordan & Troth (2004)
Managing emotions during team problem solving

Druskat & Wolff (1999)
Effects and timing of developmental peer appraisals in self managing work groups

Assessment Item 2: Major Report
VW: What went wrong?
Due 22 January 2016
VW Case Study
Go to CSR on VW company website
The CSR will help you to make links between what VW executives intended to do and what actually happened
Flesh out your ideas using the matrices
Speak to the matrices within the report
Ensure the matrices is attached to the end of your report
Ensure that you use APA 6 formatting
Reference all ideas, quotes, constructs, frameworks, and theories using APA 6
Ensure you follow the criteria and the rubric
Assessment 3: Major Reflection
Due 05 February 2016
Using your weekly reflections, you will build a major reflection
In this reflection you will:
Tie back to the constructs and frameworks you have learned in the past and present courses
Use proper APA 6 referencing
Use first person participant as this is about you and your learning!

NB: Please do:
Greet me with: Hello Stace, Hi Stace, or Dear Stace
Ensure your name, student number, and whether you're online or face to face (F2F) is in your signature block
i.e., Hi Stace.....

John Smith
Make an appt to see me F2F outside of session hours or on YAMMER
Please do not:
Greet me with: Hey babe, watsuuupppp!, hey dude, hey man, etc.
Put hugs and kisses in your salutation (i.e., John Smith, xoxo)
Contacting me:
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