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What Is Poetry?

No description

Patricia Sitton

on 28 September 2011

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Transcript of What Is Poetry?

Things that are true expressed in words that are What Is Poetry? The best words in the best The spontaneous thought.
--Thomas Carlyle Emotion put into
A way of A revelation in Poetry is prose Not the assertion that somethng is The clear expression of The body of Hundreds of things coming together at the right Anything said in such a way, A poem is something that penetrates for an A poem is an Speech to the help of reason.
--Samuel Johnson measure.
--Thomas Hardy mixed feelings.
--W.H. Auden dawning.
--Robert Frost poetry. --Emily Dickinson caught in the act of idea beautiful.
--Dante order--Samuel Taylor Coleridge overflow of powerful feeling.
--William Wordsworth Musical for its own sake its interest of meaning.
--Gerard Manley Hopkins and interest to be heard even over
and above remembering what it would impoverish us to forget. --Robert Frost by means of the words.
--Wallace Stevens words bewitched.
--Mina Loy true but the making of that truth more fully linguistic constructions that men usually refer to as poems.

--J.V. Cunningham moment.

--Elizabeth Bishop or put on the page
in such a way, as to invite from the hearer --William Stafford a certain kind of Poetry is life distilled.

--Gwendolyn Brooks instant into the unconscious.
--Robert Bly That's what poetry is! as if the top of my were taken off, I know that it is If I feel physically head framed... or the reader real to us.--T.S. Eliot The art of uniting pleasure with truth by calling
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