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Henri Matisse

No description


on 5 May 2015

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Transcript of Henri Matisse

While Henri Matisse was sick in hospital with an appendicitis , his roomate in the bed next to him had a set of paints. He asked his mother to bring paints for him to use while recovering. It was there in the hospital, Henri had his first experience with paints. He said later, “From the moment I held the box of colors in my hands, I knew this was my life."
It was after this experience, Henri Matisse enroled in Art School.
Henri MatisSE

Henri Matisse was Born
New Years Eve
December 31, 1869

He lived in a 2 room cottage in a small textile village in northern France, Le Cateau-Cambrésis. His parents had a shop in town, where they both worked. Matisse's childhood memories were of a stern upbringing. "Be quick!" "Look out!" "Run along!" "Get cracking!" were the refrains that rang in his ears as a boy.
Henri went to school and studied law and started to become lawyer though found it tedious and boring.

He painted his family, his daily life and what was important to him.
This is Henri Matisse's first painting. It was painted in Flemish Style. Notice the dark color and realistic technique.
His Early Painting Years
Some of Matisse Early Pointilism Paintings were inspired by other artists of the time like Van Gogh and Gauguin. He also started to use bright colors and broke away from the dark dull, muted colors.
In the painting on the upper left, Henri was commissioned by a Russian patron to paint people dancing, his Russian patron had no idea Matisse was going to paint them nude! The Russian bought the painting anyway and it is has become one of Henri Matisse's most famous paintings.
He Painted Numerous Portraits of Women. Notice the bright colors and how is style has evolves.
He painted the shores and the fields of France. Not only where he lived, but also where he traveled. Traveling just started to become popular during his day.
He also enjoyed painting the view just outside his studio or room window.
Paintings by Henri Matisse
Presentation by
Mrs. O'Bryan and Mrs. Yaeger
made for the
5th Graders @ 7th Avenue School
and their Superb Teachers!

This was the first painting Henri sold as an artist.
This is his wife Amelie. Whom Henri told my first love will always be painting. Though, she married him anyway and always supported Henri and his art.
Henri painted many Still Life subjects. He painted fruit, flowers and table settings. Notice the bright colors and simple representational shapes. And remember, at this time, this one a whole new way to paint.
Matisse also painted Self Portraits.
Henri painted rooms where he lived, where he ate, where he shared time with his family.
Notice how Henri Matisse's use of Bold Organic Shapes and Vivid Colors. And how every piece is simplified and strategically placed.
Born New Years Eve December 31, 1869
Lived till November 3, 1954
Henri did not like the traditional darker colored paintings and started to paint with bright colors and in his own style. This style became part of the movement Fauve Art which means "wild beast."
Henri loved to paint the outdoors and the beautiful French countryside. He continued to paint the surrounding he enjoyed as his art became very popular and people commissioned him to paint for them.
This particular painting was his blue period, he was sad he had not been selling much art at the time. This period did not last long as he began to get cmmissions from all over the world.
The Final Years

Matisse underwent surgery that left him chair and bed bound. Painting and sculpture had become physical challenges, so he turned to a new type of medium. With the help of his assistants, he began creating cut paper collages, or decoupage. This pieces were called his Cut Outs. His daughter believed these were some of his best pieces.
This is a Cut Out on the Left and a Stained Glass Window he designed for a church in France.
This gives you a sense of the scale of some of his cut outs, they were large and gave great impact in their simplicity.
Notice all the bright colors used and simple geometric and organic shapes.
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