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If you don't mind metaphors...


Jamie McKenzie

on 1 June 2010

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Transcript of If you don't mind metaphors...

Double click anywhere & add an idea So What is Meta -phor? The King of Metaphors~ "I'm Proud to say she's my buttercup" "I'm in love, I'm all shook up" Elvis = Change Change = Education If You Don't Mind Metaphors... A metaphor "consists in giving the thing a name that belongs to something else" - Aristotle X = Y -Learners have different abilities for different reasons.They have a range of skills and sometimes have to be dragged in. Some students will travel straight to the top of the building, some may stop at the third floor and some at the first floor, but everyone will have traveled somewhere successfully. At the end of a class, every student can leave the room feeling that they have been challenged and that they have achieved something. Metaphors in Inclusion: So What is Meta - phor? I think, therefore I am. I am I am I am I am I am I am I am I am Inclusion helping ALL flowers grow a team player helping hands ahead of schedule a dependable shining light carrying people & driven by a conductor included a communicator I am Some people see a closed door and turn away.

Others see a closed door, and try the knob, if it doesn't open... they turn away.

Still, others see a closed door, try the knob, if it doesn't open, they find a key, if the key doesn't fit...they turn away.

A rare few see a closed door, try the knob, if it doesn't open, they find a key, if the key doesn't fit...they make one.

-The Minnesota Association of Children and Adults with Disabilities
"You ain't nothin' but a hound-dog"
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