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4th Grade Literature

No description

Maci Dyer

on 15 April 2014

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Transcript of 4th Grade Literature

Author: Bonnie Pryor
Illustrator: Bert Dodson
1861- A Rumble of War
Ghost Cadet
This book had many accurate historical facts in it so it would be a good read for an integrative social studies lesson.

"In 1861 and 1862 he was the great defender of the Shenandoah Valley. He marched the troops up and down the Valley between the Yankee armies, using the Massanutten Mountain as a shield. He confounded the Yankees at every turn." (Aphin, p. 101).
Shades of Gray
The Perilous Road
Author: William O. Steele
Originally Published in 1950
Newbery Honor Book
By: Abbie, Caryn, Maci, and Shannon
Text Set
4th Grade Literature
Genre: Historical Fiction
Theme: Civil War

Pryor, B., & Dodson, B. (2000).
1861, a rumble of war.
New York: Avon
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Ghost cadet.
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Shades of gray
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The perilous road.
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Joseph: 1861, a rumble of war.
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Carolyn Reeder

Book won 2 awards:
1989 Scott O'Dell Award for Historical Fiction
1990 Jefferson Cup Award presented by the Virginia Library Association
Dear Will,

When I left you at your aunt's farm in June, I found myself questioning the wisdom of that arrangement. Not because of your feelings about your uncle's refusal to fight for the Confederacy, but because I am sure that your dear mother had no idea of the hardships you would have to face there.
My older sister, a widow, has come to live with me, so now I can offer you a proper home. I am sure your dear mother would not, under the circumstances, blame us for not continuing to follow her instructions for your care.
You are a fine boy, Will, and I would be proud to raise you as my son. But you must make your own decision about this. Take your time and think it over carefully, and then write and let me know if I should come for you.
Sincerely and affectionately yours,
George Martin

Carolyn Reeder was a teacher who loved history. After hiking Virginia's Shenandoah National Park, she wrote her first books, which were nonfiction books for adults about that area. After visiting battlefields and local museums in VA, her interest in the Civil War was sparked. She began studying firsthand accounts of the war's effects on local citizens. Shades of Gray was an original story written out of those experiences.
Chris Brabson, a fourteen year old boy from Tennessee, hates the Yankees and the Civil War.
He hates the Yankees from the North specifically because they stole his handmade deer skin shirt, but also because they constantly take food, animals, and supplies from the community.
There is a division within the family once Chris' brother joins the army to fight for the North.
Meanwhile, Chris continues to prank the Yankee soldiers and tells the Confederate soldiers secrets about what he has seen.
But his communications could have taken his brother's life.
This book would be great for an upper elementary or middle school student that loves to hunt!
Has great descriptive writing!
The dialogue and writing is sometimes difficult to read because of the slang terms.
Bringing Technology Into The Classroom:
Movie Trailer
Who Would Enjoy This Book?
What Is "The Perilous Road" About?
"Leave go Silas!" Chris panted. "They ain't after your meal and your horse and your seed corn!"
He went right on struggling, and Silas shook him hard, well-nigh snapping his head off his body. It brought him up short, and he stopped still. Silas dragged him along the trail away from the clearing.
"You oughta be bored for the simples!" Silas growled at him. "You shoot now and you're just as liable to kill you own ma as one of them blue boys. And if'n you was to hit one of the Yanks, I reckon them others would kill your folks just to get even. And come after you and kill you, too, like as not. Them's cavalry, and they don't think twice about running them fancy swords right through poor folks like you and me."
Civil War Related SOLs:
VS.7 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the issues that divided our nation and led to the
Civil War by a) identifying the events and differences between northern and southern states that divided
Virginians and led to secession, war, and the creation of West Virginia; b) describing Virginia’s role in the war, including identifying major battles that took place in
Virginia; c) describing the roles played by whites, enslaved African Americans, free African
Americans, and American Indians.
VS.8 The student will demonstrate knowledge of the reconstruction of Virginia following the Civil
War by a) identifying the effects of Reconstruction on life in Virginia; b) identifying the effects of segregation and “Jim Crow” on life in Virginia for whites, African
Americans, and American Indians; c) describing the importance of railroads, new industries, and the growth of cities to Virginia’ s economic development.
Elaine Marie Alphin

Fran and Benjy visit their grandma, Miss Leota in New Market for their spring break. Benjy goes to explore the battlefield where the Battle of New Market took place and meets Cadet Private William Hugh McDowell. Hugh was a VMI cadet who died in the battle. He is searching the battlefield for a family heirloom. Benjy befriends the ghost and helps him to find the family heirloom.

: 1995 Virginia State Reading Association Award
n the beginning of the Civil War, the loyalties in Joseph's Kentucky town are divided between North and South. As the tensions grow,Joseph, too, must choose a side. Joseph's father was a slave owner before he died. His mother remarried and his step-father is an abolitionist. Everyone in his town has a different perspectives on the matter; it wasn't until Joseph faced a real life experience that caused him to choose a side.
Author Bonnie Pryor
Bonnie Pryor was born in Hollywood, California, and was reading by age four. She claimed she was 'born loving books'. She began writing in 1981 with a magazine. Then she began writing books. Bonnie wrote for all ages picture books, chapter books,mysteries, and historical fiction. After thirty years of writing she has published 37 books total.
Genre: Historical Fiction
Grade level: 4th Grade

Joseph's Choice: 1861
These books would be a good lesson when talking about perspectives in social studies. The first book,
Joseph 1861--A Rumble of War
, sets the scene, while
Joseph's Choice
shows his actions.
Classroom Implementation

Letter writing: There are many examples in this book of writing letters. The students could write letters to loved ones as if they were writing during the Civil War.
The Civil War is over, but it took a toll on 12 year old Will Paige. His entire direct family dies during the war, so he must move in with his aunt and uncle on a farm in the VA Piedmont. Will considers his uncle a traitor and a coward because he refused to fight for the Confederacy. In working side by side with his uncle on the farm, Will begins to respect him. Will realizes that he must rethink his definitions of honor and courage.
William O. Steele
Grew up in Franklin, Tennessee
Enjoyed roaming in nature as a boy
Wrote this book, and other historical adventure stories from the mountains where the adventures take place
Published 39 books

Take a field trip to the New Market Battlefield and explore the various locations around the field described in the book. See the place where the VMI cadets were killed.
Wrote more than 30 books
Most of her books are fiction books but also wrote some nonfiction biographies
She and her husband co-wrote a biography on John Paul Jones.
Ghosts are one of her many recurring themes. another one is child abuse
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