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Model United Nations Presentation

No description

Jerry Zhu

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Model United Nations Presentation

MODEL UNITED NATIONS Model United Nations International organization What is the UN? Promote world peace, development and security Founded in 1945 after WWII to replace the League of Nations Different committees tasked with different jobs 193 member states What is MUN A simulation of United Nations
Aimed at high-school and college students
Educates youth on global issues
Delegates represent country, person or organization and act in its point-of-view
Pass resolutions with other delegates on global issues Why MUN? Interact with others with the same interest
Become a global citizen
Become more educated and aware
Promote international relations and awareness for the community
Be a leader
Have you and your country's opinions heard BENEFITS OF MUN Build long-lasting friendships with people all around Vancouver and the world
Develop life-long skills for jobs, presentations and schools
Builds character, confidence and charisma
Impressive on job applications and resumes
Learn how to interact with others, think on your feet and solve menacing crisis How to get started British Columbia Model United Nations
Be creative www.cahsmun.org www.cfmun.com www.caimun.ca www.bcmun.ca
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