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mexican and okie farm workers

No description

thomas wallace

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of mexican and okie farm workers

Recreation and jobs
Okie and mexican farm workers
the jobs for mexicans where harsh. you had a 12 hour work day if you where 18 or older and male. if you where a women you would have to work in a shed or take care of the babies as long as the men worked. they didnt have much off time, but when they did they came together and had small fiestas just like they used to do in Mexico.
Mexican jobs and recreation
in conclusion life was hard for both Okies and Mexicans. Even though the Okies had a little better living conditions than the Mexicans did, they still had troubles.
Okies and Mexicans
mexicans clothing was not as bad as their shelter. their clothes where not torn to peices. they wore pretty normal clothes and hats. their shelter on the other hand was terrible. it had holes in the wall and had newspaper in the ceiling. they also had to share their belongings with the other people who lived in the area.
mexican farm worker clothing and shelter
mexican farm water isn't clean and isn't as good as it should be. 34.4% of the mexican farm workers drink contaminated water each day. in conclusion mexican farm workers water is not very clean.
Mexican farm workers water
Mexican farm workers live and work with healthy fruits and vegatables, but they dont always end up eating healthy things. Many inspections of these farms show that 34.4% of Mexican farm workers go to bed at night drinking contaminated water, and little food. but when they do eat, they eating foods like tacos and enchilada's, made out of the shells that they buy and meat.
Mexican farm worker food
Okies men had the same jobs as Mexican men did, although they only had to work 10 hours. the women had to stay home and watch the children. when Okies had free time they liked to go watch movies.(they where only 10 cents!)
Okie jobs and recreation
the clothing for the Okies was normal because the farm couldnt provide that for them. but their shelter was so much better than the Mexicans. they had indoor pluming and running water. they even had a pool! they also didnt have to share their belonging with other.
Okie clothing and shelter
Okie had a lot better water than the Mexicans did. They had running water indoors that was actually clean and uncontaminated.
Okie farm worker water
Okies had much better living conditions than Mexican farm workers. they're shelter was better, they're jobs where better , but most of all, they're food was better. They ate things like biscuits and gravy, pinto beans and ham, cornbread, pie. In all I think that the Okies had it a lot better than the Mexicans did.
Okie farm worker food
Mexican and Okie farm workers
Mexican and Okie farm workers
clothing and shelter
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