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Electronics in the Industry

No description

Drew Miller

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Electronics in the Industry

Electronics in the Industry

Emergence of E-Commerce
Electronics in a Specific Field; Oil and Gas
Early Innovations
Key Contributors
Guglielmo Marconi- "father of wireless"
Jack St. Clair Kirby- integrated circuit
Seymour Cray- "father of the supercomputer"
Airline Industry
-Manual Process
-IBM, Sabre System

Exploration and Attainment
-Seismic Surveying
-Electrical Noise
-Room for Innovation
The Sale
- Competitive Price
- Best Product
- Bonuses/Discounts
Strategic Alliances
-ECIA: Electronics Components Industry Association
-ERA: Electronics Representatives Association International
Social Media
Effective Use of Social Media
12 %
Maintaining A Positive e-Reputation
Resource Crisis
Copper is used extensively in the industry
Global Development will create a shortage

Research and Development
Replacement Metal
Compatible Technology
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Rising Expectations
-Industry Standard
-Ease of Use
-Online Community
Pittsburgh Technical Institute
-Oil and Gas Electronics Degree
-"By the Industry, For the Industry"
After Obtaining the Degree
-Students are prepared to;
"...properly monitor extraction, as well as
manage the storage and transmission
of the natural resource..."
Start of electric generation in 19th century
Radio transmitters and receivers
Integrated circuits
1990s- personal computer
A Brief History
Upcoming Challenges in the Industry
Distribution Evolution
Distributors began with catalogs
Addition of technology
Transition towards online purchasing
Online collaborations
Farnell Element14
The Maintenance
- Warranty
- Replacement
- Customer Care
Customer Return
- Call Backs
- Specialized treatment
- Return Perks
Audience Poll:
How many metric tons of mineable copper is estimated to be left on earth?
a) 5.4 Million
b) 3.4 Billion
c) 1.6 Billion
d) 7.3 billion

According to Pew Internet and American Life Project,
of Americans have bought or sold goods or services online and
has utilized some sort of eCommerce activity such as research or the buying or selling of good or services.
By a raise of hands, how many of you have utilized some sort of eCommerce?
Why is this important?
c) 1.6 Billion. But How much can we actually mine?
Audience Poll:
What is the current average per capita consumption of copper per year in the US, Mexico and Canada?
a) 170 kg
b) 300 kg
c) 120 kg
d) 6002 kg (hardcore penny collectors)
a) 170 kg
A little Math...
950 Million
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Provide infrastructure
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