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water systems mind map

by MacKenzie Burnett

MacKenzie Burnett

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of water systems mind map

water systems
by MacKenzie Burnett The water Cycle - Water from lakes,rivers and oceans evaporates into
condensation from the heat of the sun
- The water vapours rise, cool, and condense into clouds
- The cloud moisture is released as rain, snow ,or hail.
- The rain, snow, and/or hail runs into rivers or lakes and also
soaks into the ground as ground water
- The sun then evaporates more water and the prosses stars over Watersheds -A watershed is an area of land
where all the water in the area
eventually drains into one main water body
such as a stream, river wetland, lake or ocean.
- Activities that effect water in one part
of the watershed have an effect down
stream in the water shed Water and Climate - Weather records change over years
- Normally, the winds blow warm currents
west along the equator
-During an El Nino year, the wind direction is reversed
and warm water is blown eastward across the ocean
- As wind and water currents change, they force changes
in wind and waterpatterns else where
-El Nino can dirupt normal weather patterns around the world
- During El Nino winters in Canada and northern United States is milder than normal south eastern states get more rain while Australia and Africa experience droughts
normal year El Nino year Trade winds warm water Winds from west warm water The Effect of Ice on Water Systems - The earth is more than 4.5 billion years old
- When a period of global cooling occurs
Earths temperature goes down. This results in
glaciers and ice sheets expanding and getting bigger
- The last great expandtion happend 10 000 years ago
It effected north America, Europe, and northern asia
-As the globalclimate started changing again, the ice retreated
-When a period of warming occurs, Earth's glaciers and ice sheets
begin to disappear
-These times are called interglacial periods
-Earth is now in an interglcial period tat started more than 11 000 years
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