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Unit 23 Human Computer Interaction

No description

Michael Encinas

on 27 June 2014

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Transcript of Unit 23 Human Computer Interaction

Unit 23 Human Computer Interaction
Automatic Judgement Of Output
Automatic judgement of output will ensure accurate results of manufacturing, reduce the amount of time it takes to manufacture products and save money on production as fewer employees required.
Increased Automation
Increased automation has made multi-tasking huge and more available for a variety of things to do at once.
As time passes, technology improving. The new features they contain changes the way economy operates. For example, businesses will no longer want many employees as machinery/robots are taking their places and also does double the work as the employee.
complexity are the difficulty of some systems such as fly-by-wire systems which they are used in aircraft to replace human actions.
Interfaces For Hostile Enviroments
Interfaces for hostile environments are robot being controlled to save lives in situations and activities locations dangerous or to obtain information outside the earth.
Specialised Interface
Developers have enabled those with speech or sight impairments to use computers. They have done this by creating a voice recognition software. This allows the user to speak through the microphone of the device making system convert it into electronic text.
Improve Usability
The developments in HCI are that users are able to easily log into computers and load programs. The developers use a consistent approach to their tool bars, GUI and menu. This means that the user only requires minimum technical skills and less specialised knowledge.
In this report, I will be describing the impact of HCI on society, the economy and culture. In addition, I will be evaluating the impact of a potential future development in HCI.

P1 Describe The Impact Of HCI On Society, The Economy And Culture.
D1 Evaluate The Impact Of A Potential Futre Development In HCI.
Developments in HCI have brought a new culture to the society, as new computers are being developed and used, people are using it on a day-to-day basis since most GUI's are user friendly and simpler. However, there are some that are difficult to use.
Productivity Per Individual
Voice Input
Voice input has reduced the need for call centers such as usability companies and telephone centers. When you pick up the phone, you now just receive a automatic produced message from a computerised voice advertising for the company.
The productivity of an individual is seen as a main contributor to efficiently and ultimately the profitability of a firm, being the more productive could lead to a positive impact.
Thought Input
If you type something into a search engine of the internet and cannot find specifically what you are looking for, the search engine will usually then give you other ideas to something similar to what you typed in to help you continue your search.
Varied Working Environment
This is to do with the large amount of changes that is easily noticed over the years of how advanced technology has become and the impact of the effect it has taken on society.
HCI has helped break down cultural barriers, i.e computerised translators enable users to type in words in their native tongue and vast dictionaries respond with translation in the chosen language.
The Ways In Which People Use Computers
Texting has grown rapidly and can be used as an alternative to speaking in order to confirm memetings
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