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StoryKit Prezi

No description

Simone Anderson

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of StoryKit Prezi

Thank you! "StoryKit is free app that allows kids to edit and customize some old, classic picture books, and also create their own books from scratch." -Common Sense Media Where do I go from here? Here is a tutorial about how to use the app. Enjoy using StoryKit! What is it? StoryKit Teachers can use this app for the iPhone, iPod touch, the iPad.
Simone Anderson
Anamaris Felix Here is an example of a teacher integrating StoryKit into her lessons.
http://elementaryedtech.wordpress.com/2012/05/14/story-kit-and-the-ipad-its-not-just-a-toy/ Here is an example of a StoryKit! This is from http://appsfortheclassroom.wikispaces.com/f.+StoryKit+Examples Why should I use StoryKit? Teachers could use StoryKit in their classrooms to allow students to create and share their writing in a fun, creative, and engaging manner. It could be used to assess a student's knowledge on a certain topic, or could be used to teach the students. This tool could be incorpotated in a various subjects and could be easily shared with peers, teachers, or parents. StoryKit can be incorporated with different subjects in different ways to enhance learning.
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