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If I could eat an idea, I would have made my revolution

About me

Laura Mariotti

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of If I could eat an idea, I would have made my revolution

Branch No 3
I finally went back to Italy because I was feeling homesick (the DNA, remember?) and I started looking for a new project, until I found what I was dreaming of:
PAIRS Project "Effective measures for the active inclusion of Roma in South-East Europe"
My mantra
Branch No 1
I got my master degree in International Cooperation for Development and Human Rights at the University of Bologna, in Italy.
Branch No 2
I moved to Brussels for 1 year and
I collaborated with
Terre des Hommes International Federation
- NGO working to protect children's rights...
...in the meantime I was also writing my final paper on "EU legal and policy framework for the protection of Roma minority"
My roots

Migration projects and homesickness lay in my DNA.
If I was a poet (not a visionary one, actually) I would say I'm a tree: leaves restlessly shaken by winds and strong roots keeping me grounded.

keep calm and go for changes: it's culture, not nature!

About me
My grandparents

My first attempt to go and see the world
My older sister
and myself,
caught in the magic of Christmas 1984
At TDH EU Office I engaged in designing an international campaign aimed at sensitize policy makers about the phenomenon of "children on the move"
more at

is co-funded by
My core interests
human beings
talking to them
living with them
having rambling exchanges
fighting, if it leads to the next level
uncovering the intimate meaning of human behaviors
listening to the reasons of the unreasonable
Following my dad all across the garden, trying so hard to pick up knowledge!
learn more
I think so.
And so many of my branches are still to fill in.

My grandfather
was caught and brought to Germany during WWII, he came back home after 2 years, September 9th 1945
Thank you for your time :)
If I could eat an
Upon Mario's return, 19th years old
grabbed his hand in the middle of the crowd.

4 years later they got married, gave birth to my mother
, moved to Switzerland and then back to beloved Italy.
I would make my own revolution
My parents's marriage: a visual summary
The 80's
Tiberio's bridge, 14 BC
Emilia-Romagna is well recognized as one of the most welcoming regions in Italy.

Under the Roman Empire, travellers used to say:
"You realize you've crossed the Empire's borders when you're offered wine instead of water"
My town Rimini
The 70's
Since I was blessed with the opportunity of living in the EU Capital, I decided to actively participate: I collaborated with the European Commission at drafting final report for the 13th NGO Forum and followed up the EU Council of Ministers on behalf of the italian broadcasting company SkyTG24.
The objective of PAIRS is to build a network of practitioners (social workers, advocacy and communication officers, journalists, public officials, etc.) from Italy, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.
The network will be a place for
best practices
social inclusion of Roma
, selected during field visits to Roma settlements, organizations and National Agencies throughout partner countries;
brainstorming to find
innovative solutions
in the field of housing, health, employment and education for Roma people;
elaborating innovative approaches
to engage local and national authorities
in adapting their political agendas according to the needs of vulnerable groups;
mainstreaming a culture of tolerance
and non-discrimination among the grand public with the help of traditional media, social media and academics.

What PAIRS Project is about
My role in the project:
team coordinator for the 2 Italian partners (CeAS NGO and Municipality of Ferrara)
in charge for the thematic outputs (reports and recommendations to national and EU policy makers to inform the decisions on the next "Decade for Roma Inclusion - beyond 2015"
drafting the agenda for institutional and dissemination events
spokesperson for the Italian team in international events
support to the financial accounting team
Which leads back to my title: when italian songwriter Giorgio Gaber sings "If I could eat an idea, I would make my own revolution" I'm sure he means that we must always feed ourselves with what we believe in, put an effort in making it concrete, share it with others as if it was our meal.
Ultimately, push our idea up to
But what I thought is: if you have to write about someone else's rights and wishes, you should at least get to know them. So I started doing volunteer work with Roma children.
Stage acting classes
Cooking classes
is it a one way path towards who you really want to be?
... not to mention the Adriatic Sea, scuba and freestyle diving in Sicily, my red bicycle, truffles hunting in the woods with my dog Rocky...
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